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Latest Scoops
New National Security Adviser HR McMaster wrote a book about importance of standing up to bad civilian leadership https://t.co/z5MG5jZFGF
I join the @SamHarrisOrg Podcast. Big time! https://t.co/ITWY3ZGM4A
The Netherlands votes March 15. This clip is from 2 days ago, Wilders’ campaign launch. He’s in 1st place in the multiparty system, at 17%.https://t.co/HPPH0qo6Xo
I take official incitement against free & independent media very seriously, yes. I’ve seen it in other countries, now it’s happening herehttps://t.co/IUbh87m7px
"No illusions please: This bill will not be repealed.” I was sacked by AEI 7 yrs ago for that prediction. Worth it. https://t.co/V1MtG3bpjahttps://t.co/Vzxj7V18mb
Trump is like a magic mirror in a fairy tale, that when you look at it, reveals who *you* really are.
Yes the Milo/CPAC story is bad. Meanwhile, the president of the United States has confessed on tape to serial sexual assaulthttps://t.co/5V2ZQUXgS5
Me talking to @greta on Friday, & warning that the president is at risk of inciting violence against the press https://t.co/bHfKuoXAmF
This should be 101 for anyone covering immigration issues
This is such a fabulous typo by NBC News. Please don’t fix it.
This is such a fabulous typo by NBC News. Please don’t fix it.
This is as warned of in my autocracy article https://t.co/wcSx5Kabhu
Mediaite posted a brief clip from me on @greta about Trump’s anti-press incitement https://t.co/8aW77kWoky
Video of event in which @SStossel & I talk about risks of Trump autocracy nearing 50,000 unique views. Thank you! https://t.co/6KdJQtl0uE
Amazing that the keynote speaker at the next CPAC would endorse foreign espionage against the US on national TV
Nance: “You’ll take Russian spies over Saudis?”
Milo: “I probably would.”
Nance: “Are you American?”
Milo: “No.”
Nance: “Oh. Fuck off."
Nobody should batter or imprison you for being an ignorant jerk. But … wouldn’t you be a more fulfilled person as a non-ignorant non-jerk?
… I think of those words when people like Milo Y. say that I violate their rights by recommending they act more like a decent person
When my son was 5 years old, he had an elaborate joke that ended: “You can, but you don’t have to.” Maybe you had to be there, but …
Why am I even in this business, if Hannah Arendt said everything better 40 years ago?
Maybe unduly suspicious of me, but I also suspect that Trump shifted from “Winter White House” to “Southern White House” to defeat trademark
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