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With the words "Trump" and "wine" closely joined in the news today, time to return to this epic review of Trump's own wines: "Welch’s grape jelly with alcohol. A terrible, fumy, alcoholic nose. If I served you that on an airline you’d be mad.”

Should Dems pursue a Trump impeachment? Curious criss-cross: @Zigmanfreud argues yes against Kentucky Democratic Rep John Yarmuth, who says No, at least for now https://t.co/Hq7RIKdpYn
just filled out the survey
Hey @DunkinDonuts , whatever you are paying Nicole N. at your New Haven location - it's not enough. She had a kind word for every single person in line, encouragement for every worker in store
Looking forward to joining students at Yale’s Davenport College later this afternoon
At a dinner last night, a guest marveled: why the fuss over this centenary? It's all "ancient history." As Faulkner said, "The past isn't dead. It isn't even past."
The anti-black pogroms in US cities bear an ugly family likeness to the terroristic violence launched by Freikorps units against Poles and Balts in the lands east of the Elbe to hold/claim them for Germany
The anti-black pogroms in US cities between 1919-21 bear an ugly resemblance to the attacks of Freikorps units on Poles and others in eastern Germany and the new Baltic republics
.... in Chicago, Detroit, and other cities - most horrifically Tulsa, Oklahoma - white Americans launched what can only be described as pogroms against black neighborhoods, determined to burn out the economic advantages African Americans had gained during the wartime boom
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