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OK you get the point. President Trump = Afghanistan, never. It's a war zone after all, and there are stairs. (OTOH - no sharks!)
Pelosi meeting then Afghan President Karzai in Kabul 2007
Pelosi in Kandahar 2010
Pelosi in Marjah Afghanistan 2011
This isn't an exhaustive list, but ...
Pelosi in Helmand in 2012
Not every president has the political genius to drive home to . every last voter in America that his most feared political opponent wanted to meet troops in a war zone that he himself had been too frightened to visit
In last Congress, House Republicans allowed Trump White House to stall GAO requests for info on full costs of Trump Mar-a-Lago visits. I imagine that will change now ... https://t.co/abe01XPTfB
Next step in the feud: scheduling House hearings on the cost of presidential travel ...
Pro tip: don't get into a "power of the purse" tug-of-war with the House of Representatives.
With no end in sight to the shutdown, the head of government ordered those working on his highest priority tasks to return to the job without pay
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