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"Aggravated assault, a felony in Montana, is punishable by a term in the state prison of up to 20 years, a fine of up to $50,000, or both."
About to join MSNBC Last Word w @AriMelber @JoyAnnReid @MalcolmNance
Weigel: "Dotcom, it seemed, may have been willing to create a fake archive of emails from Rich” https://t.co/lz9XUYy9xF
Trump blurts another secret to a completely inappropriate recipient https://t.co/UiYbzAxNHU
"You can keep him up late at night, not roistering, but staring
at a dead fire in a cold room.” - CS Lewis on dealing w the devil.
"All the healthy and outgoing activities which we want him
to avoid can be inhibited and NOTHING given in return ….”
Another day, another allied intelligence service burned by preening Trump officials https://t.co/nZN1Kpvbh4
No good being even 10 minutes ahead of the times https://t.co/bSa62PzZcy
To those saying the Seth Rich lunacy is “rock bottom,” there’s a step still lower to go: outright defense of Putin's aid to Trump
@aseitzwald @SethAMandel Exactly. The Seth Rich theories may be crazy, but they serve a function: exit from the reality in which Putin risked US wrath to aid Trump
A lovely tribute to Roger Moore by @IChotiner https://t.co/gqZYpo90s4
We’re driving beyond credibility gap, beyond credibility canyon, to credibility post-apocalyptic hellscape.
Fox pushing Seth Rich conspiracy theory.
A health care plan enacted without accurate costs/benefits.
$2 trillion arithmetic error in budget.
As we mourn Manchester, remember: for a moment of ignorant boasting, the president betrayed one of the West’s best sources inside ISIS.
Don’t get so excited, Target will sell you one of your own for $24.99
Don’t get so excited, Target will sell you one of your own for $24.99
I’ll be speaking at @Politicon 2017, hope to see you there https://t.co/8dL2tBOF2h
Another implication of the “I never mentioned Israel”: Trump feels not even a tinge of remorse about his ghastly mistake.
Oh and happy Victoria Day to all tweeps observing the day. Major selling point for Canada: TWO national holidays that call for fireworks
American political culture tends to have difficulty acknowledging any third category between “legal” and “illegal” https://t.co/sVmGCgs1ug
The double-stuffed Oreos in the presidential suite tweet alas looks spurious …
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