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Latest Scoops
If I read this correctly, a Heritage senior fellow is calling George Soros a *more* serious threat to Western values than Vladimir Putinhttps://t.co/GQW62bi3QK
As Day 100 nears, Trump can show one success: progress against illegal immigration https://t.co/IxnnfTr6a8
Oh also we’re heading to a worsening crisis between India & Pakistan over Kashmir, reports @kapskom https://t.co/0E9mwO8Unw
Joining @monacharenEPPC & @jaynordlinger on their superb podcast https://t.co/B2utDJHxoA
Congratulations to @natfrum winner Best Comedy Screenplay at the Chicago Genre Screenplay Festival!
"C'est la revanche de Dreyfus.” - Charles Maurras, 1944.
The first draft of this tweet must have been something.
Everybody's talking about Comey today, but maybe this story mattered more in the election's final week https://t.co/A44FtwDbn0
@[email protected] know you & Heritage are strong on Putin & Ukraine. Kudos. That’s why it’s so weird to see you mainstreaming Breitbart-style Soros mania
Curious thing that “hundred days” in US politics requires success… the original ended in total disaster at Waterloo https://t.co/EbFNfSh6Dx
Like any human’s, Soros’s record is mixed. The Putinists hate him for his noblest work: supporting democracy in former communist Europe
Not exactly putting America first !
Daily Signal validates the Putin POV on Macedonia for use by Fox News. https://t.co/10aswbZIzd
Heritage’s Daily Signal then endorses and publicizes the pro-Putin line https://t.co/oV1idS0NOO
Trumpist groups in USA naturally take the pro-Putin side, concoct fantasy version of events starring George Soros https://t.co/wrEZ0Z1nAw
Putin backs actions by President of Macedonia https://t.co/DW6c86tWmc
EU & NATO oppose actions by president of Macedonia https://t.co/0hMiMf6LHw
The underlying dispute is complex - and seemingly remote - but telling for future of Europe. Basic facts: https://t.co/co6zLMmeEE
Sign of the times: Heritage’s Daily Signal adopting an anti-NATO, anti-EU, pro-Putin side in Macedonian politics https://t.co/oV1idS0NOO
Moderate Labourites bravely face fact that Corbyn must lose so their party can recover. https://t.co/DDNt3TKsDd A reproach to Trumpist GOP
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