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And I'll send signed book + thanks for freeing basement space
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Meanwhile, the Baltimore Museum of Art is showing this. Go while you can https://t.co/KHNHZbx7m9
Meanwhile, the Baltimore Museum of Art is showing this. Go while you can https://t.co/KHNHZbx7m9
Hungary’s Orban regime preparing for further restrictions on political liberties https://t.co/6feBgmzSmB
Seriously, what’s the point?
Before glib analogies flow, worth remembering that Nixon’s press secy Ron Ziegler did not tell knowing lies https://t.co/Warzb4Wyqd
It’ll be interesting in next 24 hours to see which conservative media figures stake their reputations to Spicer’s.
NB I don’t recommend option 3.
Option 4. “Election feelings still run high. President Trump looks forward to beginning work Monday to earn the support of every American."
Option 3. “President Obama’s economic mismanagement has put the costs of a weekend in Washington out of reach of hard-working Americans.”
Option 2. “The numbers we want to compare will be job creation and new business start ups."
Option 1. “President Obama’s inauguration was a unique historical event that made us all proud to be Americans."
Some alternative answers.
“Above all things, I hate a lie.” - Barbara Frum
Inspired by Merkel, I’m going to spend the afternoon at an art museum myself.
If they’re shutting govt twitter accounts for unflattering photos, what on earth will they do to the agencies tracing Russian influence?
Russia greatly enlarges its Syrian Mediterranean naval base https://t.co/tHAsC1hTAJ
Angela Merkel attended an art exhibit in Potsdam rather than watch Donald Trump’s inaugural. https://t.co/LGukhPm8T8
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