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This is, somehow, the last paragraph in a Detroit News story about the victims of Larry Nassar. It should be the only paragraph. It’s Michigan State interim President John Engler saying that some Nassar victims are enjoying the spotlight with “awards and recognition.” WUT.
A bettor who got 20/1 odds last February on the Saints to win this year’s Super Bowl is taking offers on this ticket on @PropSwapVegas. Would pay a total of $168,000 if the Saints win it all. Told bettor has already received an offer of $45,000. Love when bettors make bets on bets!
The #10yearchallenge is another garbage social media creation. So, in the name of reality, I’m taking the #30yearchallenge https://t.co/jf9SLj7gx4
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo expressed his hope today that New York will bring sports betting to the state in 2019. For now, New Jersey is taking a piece of that pie. First sign out of the Lincoln Tunnel from New York to New Jersey is a rotating sign that includes FanDuel.
Well, what do we have here? An outlandish Twitter challenge that a guy actually delivered on? Nice work, @AdamWeitsman
Average sold ticket price from NFL Ticket Exchange:

NFC Championship (Rams at Saints): $693

AFC Championship (Patriots at Chiefs): $584
The @Bucks will debut the Coors Light Beer Button tonight on their app for fans in the arena. Here’s how it works...
The table graphic and the breakdown of what it cost President Trump to buy the fast food for the Clemson team is the best journalism of 2019. Nice work by @pbump & the Washington Post.
Natty Light giving away $1M to do its part to help pay down college loans. 12 winners will get $40,000, 58 winners get $10,000 each.
The guys at @bookmaker_eu have put out odds on what food President Trump will serve the Super Bowl champions 😂
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