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I bust Stupid Dope Moves and Bomb Atomically. https://soundcloud.com/thebrilliantidiots

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Why is @BRiANNAtheYRB all grown up!!!! This really makes me feel old as fuck!!! 😂 Her debut album is out now!!! Support my fam!!! @PoeBoyMusicGrp https://t.co/NfGWCIr61S
Everyone wants to a member of the officialfbma Monogamy is and always has been the WAVE. @KodakBlack1k is ready to commit!! Full interview on @breakfastclubam youtube page now!!!! https://t.co/O9SjGlWnfc
Did you miss Kodak Black on @breakfastclubam this morning??? Well here you go!!! https://t.co/00ZJJDZWj7
@ClosetJane You making zero sense. If you don’t think Smile Bitch is the number one song of the year or at least one of them then you are a culturally tone deaf. Song was HuGE was number one on the charts and everything. SMH. Have a blessed day.
We got @marclamonthill on @breakfastclubam next!!! Tune in!!! This show is all ratchetness and righteousness AKA BALANCE!!!! https://t.co/whwPEUURBk
@ClosetJane You can double down on the stupidity but the truth is the truth. So by your logic in my feelings by Drake isn’t in song of the year running because it came out the same weekend Smile Bitch dropped?
We got @KodakBlack1k on @breakfastclubam next.......tune in!!!!! https://t.co/Af8WV4JNaj
Who should get #DonkeyOfTheDay today??? Let me know!!! @breakfastclubam click here to stream us live!!!! https://t.co/vW3Ty6Awpa
We got Kodak Black on @breakfastclubam next hour. Click here to stream us live!!!! https://t.co/vW3Ty6Awpa
#GetItOffYourChest you want to vent??? Reach out and touch us!!! 18005851051 @breakfastclubam click here to stream us live!!! https://t.co/vW3Ty6Awpa
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