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New reports show the UK will suffer for years after Brexit https://t.co/kR13wRiXhD
Domestic violence surges during the #WorldCup https://t.co/ho1KqevoC5
Chain link fences, mattresses on the floor and families queuing to be processed -- and oftentimes separated. These are the photos of the processing detention center in McAllen, Texas, that the US Customs and Border Protection agency wants you to see. https://t.co/EkAy3jHBfe
Cinemas are posting seizure warnings at screenings of "Incredibles 2" https://t.co/iDyFTh2ZzZ
Apple is rolling out a new feature in its next iPhone software update to send emergency responders instant, precise location information in the US https://t.co/Uk17ZB3XMZ
You could soon have more room to stretch out on long flights -- if you're willing to hang out in the cargo hold https://t.co/5dQDxEHi9Y
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German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been given two weeks to agree a new migration policy with European leaders or face a renewed rebellion from her own government https://t.co/urb43ws4nZ
On Monday, at least 65 activists were greeted by hundreds of well-wishers as they made their way across Kabul with chants of "We Want Peace!" and "No War!" https://t.co/wcPZeagaYc
In a rare public admonishment of the Trump administration, former first lady Laura Bush calls separating families at the border "cruel" and "immoral" https://t.co/MiaLfiZ3pr
Mesmerizing glass Chihuly sculptures are lighting up the Biltmore estate https://t.co/7IevqxGuyQ
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