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#FirstOnCNBC | @NancyCNBC and @cnbcSri speak to #Ansell CEO Magnus Nicolin on remaining active in evaluating M&A opportunities @CNBCi
#FirstOnCNBC | @dbsbank CEO Piyush Gupta discusses the company's 2018 #earnings and expectations for this year on @CNBCi with @MartinSoong
.@NancyCNBC discusses trade talks in #Beijing and #SGBudget2019 amongst others on The Week Ahead with @CNBCi on @moneyfm893
Today on #ManagingAsia, @ChristineCNBC talks to @LINKREITHK CEO George Hongchoy on transforming Asia's largest REIT and navigating through the uncertain property markets in Hong Kong and Mainland China. Watch at 18.30 SG/HK & EMEA at 23.00 BST only on @CNBCi
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#FirstOnCNBC | @BeachEnergyLtd CEO Matthew Kay tells @MartinSoong that the company sees very strong outlook for this year on @CNBCi
.@BP_plc CEO Bob Dudley tells @dan_murphy oil prices must remain within a certain range to be “good for the world” #CNBCExclusive
The full transcript of @_HadleyGamble's interview with Egyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiris at @MilkenInstitute is here:
Saudi Prince Turki Al-Faisal discusses the situation in Iran with @_HadleyGamble, saying the "Iranian people are the first victims of this leadership"
The full transcript of @_HadleyGamble's interview with Saudi Arabian Prince Turki Al-Faisal is here: #MIGlobal
.@WillemMarx speaking to Luxembourg's Finance Minister, @pierregramegna, in Brussels for @SquawkBoxEurope #CNBCExclusive

The Most Relevant

"Anything which promotes inequality between living a stupid, primitive thought in itself" #Bollywood star tells CNBC and at #WEF18 #equality
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Tune in to CNBC 11pm CET tonight as @TaniaBryer meets @MariaSharapova - inspiring story of a real champion #CNBCMeets
.@SCMDirect Co-Founder @thatginamiller tells @CNBCi's @WillemMarx that the UK Parliament may ultimately decide a public vote is needed to solve the #Brexit impasse
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Developing Africa: @Akon tells @TaniaBryer about the work of his foundation at #Davos
. CEO Jean-Paul Agon speaks to 's tonight (2200 GMT) on the latest episode of about running the bigge#CNBCConversationst in the world, its evo#beautyl#businessution & the ris#digitale of protectionism #TheFutureofBeauty #Brexitimpact
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. Chief Brand Officer with before taking a spin in the #WhatDrivesYou #CannesLions
Dutch Freedom Party Leader @geertwilderspvv speaking to @steve_sedgwick @TEHambrosetti #TEHA this weekend
CNBC are proud to be Financial Media Partner at @egyptthefuture conference, Sharm El-Sheikh. Tune in to CNBC for some top coverage #EEDC2015
Juan Sartori, Founder of Uruguay's Union Group & Board Member at English soccer club , discusses the club's challenges with 's #CNBCSports #SAFC
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