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not only is @uclagymnastics' @katelyn_ohashi a viral star, but the story of how they got their coach @OfficialMissVal and rebuilt their program is fascinating. via @LA_maghttps://t.co/4SfRa5ALT9
instant pulitzer for @GettyImages
but seriously, Clemson like most schools operating at a high level athletically takes nutrition very seriously for their players. This must be so awkwardhttps://t.co/auqf8k7JXT.
I know. The clip of POTUS announcing the menu from this afternoon is a legit jaw-dropper.
I was today years old when I found out this was a thing.
as importantly, let’s think about what Kyler’s doing here. This isnt some sinister effort to squeeze a team for no reason. He legit could be a first round pick. He’s got a Heisman Trophy. If he legit is unsure about what to choose, which is reasonable, he wants a better incentive
I wrote about why this is such a big deal for MLB, and baseball overall as a sport. Rewarding non-specialized athletes is not something that sport typically doehttps://t.co/pYP71k37Szs
If you dont like the math of baseball, then you just dont like baseball that much. Pretty simple.

fwiw, I dont love the DH, in principle, but there’s no way I’m about to sit up here and act like it hasnt improved the game. If you’re going to subscribe to the theory that hitting a baseball is the hardest thing to do in sports, then the DH should be EXALTED, not ostracized.
“and the glory of baseball was extinguished forever” is not even a real take. That rule allowed MORE players to participate. By definition, the “glory” was expanded, not extinguished. It makes zero sense to imply or assert otherwise
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