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This is what I’m watching on Sunday February 3 at around 5:30. For 3 plus hours. Better than the alternative.
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.Sorry Gary. Missed this challenge until today. https://t.co/sPOQ9t1LRa
Good. But no Rams. No matter what.
I’d love some buttered popcorn and Diet Coke to watch @gtconway3d and @KellyannePolls on tv together. C’mon. You can do it. Right @JamesCarville and Mary Matalin?
Having cup of hot tea before lastwordmsnbc Really nice spot to warm up in NYC. https://t.co/sLZGZ5igCg
Disgusting. Simply disgusting. Sacklers Directed Efforts to Mislead Public About OxyContin, New Documents Indicate https://t.co/43XCTFiad9
. Here you go. @30RockCarpet @GarrettHaake https://t.co/
So much to worry about here. But I will choose to highlight that the Missouri Republican leadership voted to allow firing someone just because they are gay and didn’t even have the guts to record their votes. Shameful. Proud of @gregrazer. https://t.co/Cx1TtOCG5b
It’s hard to put into words how emotional it is to watch your daughter try on wedding dresses. ❤️😢
Reporting for work. First day of my new gig.
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