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Girl @kbglobalmusic .. you betta sang that thang! Thank you for blessing us this morning! #GreatestLove
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The Team Is Lit!!🔥 Can’t Wait to share what we’re cooking! Aaaah! @DangeRussWilson #CAA #LevelUp
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One of the coolest moments of my career was shooting my 1st high fashion shoot with you as the photographer. Every detail mattered to you. Thank you for the inspiration you’ve given us all. You will truly be missed. Rest In Peace Legend #KarlLagerfeld #Chanel ❤️
Too much fun last night supporting my best friend and makeup artist @YolondaFredrick. She won an #hba! So proud.
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Thank you @TIDAL for giving #GreatestLove the #1 spot on your Real Love playlist! ❤️
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Ayyy! Don't miss #GreatestLove ❤️ on @Spotify's 'Are & Be' playlist!
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Trust me Rhianna u dont want to see me on or off the stage
When you and Bae #DoTheShiggy On Top of Cape Town on ur #Honeymoon. @DangeRussWilson #InMyFeelingsChallenge
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I see you @NCTsmtown_127!! #LevelUp #Korea 💃🏽
When Ya Man Shuts Down The Museum For #DateNight... Still Got My Head Spinnin ❤️ 🌟
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#ImEveryWoman! It's All In Me! 💃🏽👨‍👩‍👧‍👦❤️
Choreography by @galenhooks
Filmed by @timmilgram
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