When he said Mexico was gonna pay for the wall, what he *meant* was homebound senior citizens are gonna pay for the wall.
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that's awesome
when did he say that?
but inevitable that lots of nuances are going to be lost in this form/approach and that can be like nails on a chalkboard
I tried to vet it w law professors, criminologists, pd's, historians, cops, etc
I dunno. We spend, like, maybe 10 seconds a night telling folks where events are
Very Private Network. Duh.
the rare Naomi Klein fashion tweet!
This was a totally amazing moment
that was the plan
The unanimous support for Trump's climate actions today from "mainstream" GOP tells you everything you need to know about where party is at.
I know! And I am mortified I got it wrong, especially because I loved the show!
We are live from the brand new and gorgeous Brokaw News Center in LA. #inners
Tim Wu's latest book is about this.
we need nine is hilarious
so glad you liked it!
One week into the tour, my blood is basically 20% caffeine.
Tonight, I'll be at the Barnes and Noble store at the Grove in Los Angeles at 7:30 signing copies of #ACIAN Come say hi!
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