To state the obvious: he has absolutely no idea what the replace plan will be. Not even, like, a bullet point version. No clue.
Latest Scoops
Handmaid's Tale on Hulu is phenomenal so far.
Right, I mean I guess that's obvious. Clearly, president, right?
In which Andy Revkin Marshall McCluhans Bret Stephens
Tip of the cap to @JoshuaChaffee for the spectacular editing job of that montage.
I think this is the worst I've ever seen Arrieta
I found Manzi worth engaging!
curious if you feel like I've accurately portrayed the system you work in every day.
@EsotericCDso so phenomenal. Only been there once, I think or maybe twice and was blown away. I also really clike CLT, but it's gotten super crowded
I think that's a massive over estimation of the cost, but even then would probably be worth it.
Did Trump actually say "both my sons love the outdoors" today?
@NickBaumannI pronounced Micelli from Who's the Boss with proper Italian pronunciation (even though I know that's wrong) & never heard the end of it
I guess the era of the "alpha males" didn't last very long
Sometimes politics has a way of always reminding you you're nowhere near cynical enough.
I mean. he's...52 years old
Vol 2: It's Actually Funny to Them
HOLY CRAP! CONGRATS! That's crazy and I'm so glad everyone is ok.
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