To state the obvious: he has absolutely no idea what the replace plan will be. Not even, like, a bullet point version. No clue.
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it depends on the outlet. Also, the perps got caught red handed in Watergate, which helped.
point being: we don't know. But no one knew at the beginning of Watergate either.
in an *extemely* messy, iterative process that played out over months with lots of false starts.
right, but the metaphor was opposition to a tyrant, as opposed to opposition to a democratically elected president.
that was true during Watergate, too.
This is a really interesting intiative. Lots like this popping up. Curious to see where it all goes...
Seemed pretty clear to me there was some kind of an investigation when someone leaked Flynn called RUS Amb. *6 times* on sanctions day
can you "Tea Party" your own legitimate government? BC the original was the beginning of a violent revolution against monarchy
I was cooking: what he hell happened in this football game?
I'd guess Ted Kennedy was one them...
@jodyavirgan in D and D terms they are pure Chaotic Neutral.
you think you can meaningfully consent without knowing the nominee? What about Harriet Meyers?
Trump might as well nominate Barron, since McConnell says he'll confirm whoever he nominates. (And yes, he could do that, constitutionally)
I suppose one should be thankful that McConnell has entirely disposed with even a pretense of advice and consent.
I was mocking the idea that the only people that turned out were on the coasts
I was trying to make a point through sarcasm.
Day 2: The Press Secretary approaches the podium wearing a shock collar. "Today, the President played a round of golf and shot an 18."
The Wikileaks/Alex Jones/Pepe/Trumpkin convergence continues apace.
Reality matters.
I phrased that poorly.
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