To state the obvious: he has absolutely no idea what the replace plan will be. Not even, like, a bullet point version. No clue.
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it's a joke for the love of god
One of the most important things I've come to realize as I've gotten older is what a great band Fleetwood Mac was.
A pretty fascinating political development: big protests outside AIPAC.
this is so so great. Really glad you enjoyed it
Thanks, man. So so glad you found it useful.
not for at least another 8 days or so
wait what is a dirty read?
look forward to it!
I know it's temping, but after the election, no one's allowed to dunk on Bill Mitchell ever again. I'm sorry, but those are the rules.
yes, became clear that Amash in particular had far better grasp of the policy than the WH
Thank you! So glad you enjoyed it.
Really great review of #ACIAN in Salon from @mattpulver in Salon
Ready for show #2!
Ready for show #2!
Doubleheader tonight: hosting @allinwithchris at 8pm, then will be on @RealTimeHBO later. Too bad there's nothing to talk about. #inners
totally, particularly on the deductible front
It seems quaint to say this: but it helps a lot if the President actually has some policy knowledge or cares enough to acquire some.
Thread from a former senior aide to Harry Reid
really glad you're enjoying it
well, he'll probably just be watching DVR'ed morning shows so he might not be too upset!
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