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About to talk to the Executive Director of the North Carolina GOP on @allinwithchris #inners


Revenues at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair were down about $200,000 this year due to a decline in attendance as a result of a labour dispute between Exhibition Place and its stagehands, according to the Royal’s chief executive officer. https://t.co/kQz8hPH8Iq
.@azcsports traded text messages with Larry Fitzgerald to gauge his mood and emotions, talk about the past and the future, and to get a feel if he’s leaning toward staying or going. https://t.co/uyEK9weF73
And: Advocates are sounding the alarm over a sharp rise in deportations of Cambodian immigrants living in the U.S. We'll talk with immigrant rights attorne @kevinchloy @aaaj_alcof about the fight to stop the deportations, live 8-9AM EThttps://t.co/Xup8cdtnFB at .
Now is probably a good time to talk about how a person can be responsible for a catalogue of racist acts but because they have the benefit of white privilege other white people will often give them “the benefit of the doubt” and refute all claims of racism.
NEW: The South Carolina Republican Party likely to cancel its presidential primary in 2020 to protect @realDonaldTrump from any GOP challengers that might emerge. (There is precedent for this strategy.) https://t.co/KKdho0YUoG @dcexaminer
“You know how many of my clients have gotten a heads-up from the deputy director of the FBI that agents were coming by to interview them, and what the interview would be about, and talk about whether a lawyer should be there? Zero.” https://t.co/YOTGVAA2gf
Inside the Hungarian state broadcaster, an opposition lawmaker was lying on the floor. Outside the building, a fellow legislator was trying to burst through police lines to reach him. On air, the talk was about pigeons. https://t.co/e63qzaQVnB
Coming up - @RepAdamSchiff joins us at the table on @CBSThisMorning to talk about former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s delayed sentencing
" I think things changed and there are a lot of very big woman directors"

French-Italian actress and director, Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi, has talked to Euronews about the role of women in film, and how perceptions have changed. https://t.co/xyfmkWWakr
Good dog! Griffin the service dog received an honorary diploma for his work helping a North Carolina native earn her master's degree! https://t.co/CR353yhlW9
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