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  3. they won’t vote for us so their deaths didn’t happen. this is the entire worldview in a nutshell.
They won’t vote for us so their deaths didn’t happen. This is the entire worldview in a nutshell.


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JNU VC & are@narendramodi out to destroy this great university. Why don't they leave JNU alone and just set up a Deen Dayal University where PhDs can be handed out in 'Entire Pradhan Mantri Schemes'? No need for books, library. Pack the faculty with RSS. https://t.co/nM67qY2MJe
More Latinos are voting in Yakima County these days, but they still don’t vote at the same rate as non-Latinos, and their collective electoral power has yet to result in much success for Latino candidates. https://t.co/gWGhNh5B7F
Early indications show that Hispanic voters came out in historic numbers and made a difference for Democratic candidates in the Southwest and parts of the West.

“This has been a long road... this just didn’t happen overnight." https://t.co/ECaB9T5kRF
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