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*Of course* he's going to fire Mueller and pardon everyone.
The mind absolutely reels at how all this will look in 50 years.
Timestamp indicates Liam beat me to this million dollar idea
Million dollar idea: Trump launches a version of drunk history, but sober, where he just describes his idea of important historical events.
The sheer #thirst that the president has for the New York Times' approval is something to behold.
Glad everything's been chill while I've been on vacation.
@RameshPonnuru What struck me the whole time was how little conservative media covered it. Totally buried. Clearly Fox et al perceived no appetite
sadly Conn didn't take me up on the bet!
Incredible news tonight. But Remember what happened with the AHCA: Trumpcare isn't dead as long as GOP controls both houses.
To both @bdomenech and @conncarroll I say: you were right. (for now!)
So awesome. As I was told by multiple people: aim high!
we went to grade/middle school together! Bx!
I can't wait to see it. A bunch of my staff saw it and have been raving.
I just went to my very expensive private club and rich people who play golf are stoked about the stock market, said the Great Populist Hope.https://t.co/4g4gZhJ2B1
Call me old fashioned but I still think at least, oh I dunno, a handful of committee hearings and a markup make sense
I do now! I mean, the deadline has always felt a bit artificial and pushing back recess gives McConnell far more time to cajole
They say they are, so I'm just going by the schedule they've publicly announced.
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