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Get it out, buddy. Let it flow.
this is one of my favorite photos ever.
This is somehow already the most frustrating Cubs game of the year.
No, he can shoot to. Very good mid-range game.
He definitely does. Very strong rebounder and presence on the blocks!
It really does. Amazing work.
I think he's tweeting his drafts.
"Atz a spicey meatbolll !!!"
@EsotericCD @jbarro @samsteinhp (also he's saying it's very important that the agenda of the G7 be in dialogue with the agenda of development in Africa.) #traduttore
Bending over backwards here but maybe he was reading an English translation of the prepared remarks?
The line from WH seems to be "this was all so we could bring peace to Syria!" Which, maybe. But that just confirms Kushner lied on his SF86.
Deepest condolences
Although in context I think it looks bad bad bad
Right but in this context?
These actions look for more sinister than stupid
At this point the "how dumb can these guys be?!?" theory just doesn't hold water
@matthewamiller Agreed although that's smoking gun evidence of the *coverup* where is this is extremely incriminating on possible underlying crime
@neeratanden @HeerJeet Chiming in here to say that if I could book an interview w HRC once a week I'd do it in a heartbeat. Alas, not in the cards.
I know we've had a succession of bombshells, but tonight's WaPo and Reuters reports are possibly the most consequential yet.
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