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I'm blocking out the full hour tomorrow...
.@realDonaldTrump we did an hour-long town hall with Chicagoans. I'd really urge you to check it out https://t.co/lX3MPRUPVa
You *really* don't want the WH COS calling the FBI director to have ANY conversations about ANYTHING related to ongoing investigations.
"It’s rare to see efforts to improve test scores having the opposite result." https://t.co/jtSxyKVMve
This is a Big Big Big FD https://t.co/8Z6WpbRZPA

WH trying to get FBI to carry water for them. Really worrisome.
I can't tell if this is a thing or just like the way you keep hearing a new word once you learn its meaning
Tucker is less an exemplar of meritocracy than the pre meritocratic ruling class
...pissing off the right people, you're gonna end up in some dark places. (Or, you know, inviting Milo to CPAC).
But it's also a great example of the perils of what I flagged yesterday in that Chris McDaniel tweet. If you orient your politics around...
I agree with an unnerving amount of what @TuckerCarlson says in here https://t.co/xIJw1ULCRz
"R-Snowflake" just made my week.
can think of few things more blinkered than calling the PRESIDENCY a mark to market business
very. Impressive dude
I kind of want to write a White Rose movie screenplay.
right, I meant more in the specific context of Arkansas, although who knows !?!?
There are some incredible town hall scenes in Common Ground https://t.co/NYWH7zM9HH (including a history of them)
The rowdiest town hall I ever covered was over a zoning issue on the North Side of Chicago.
Agreed, but he's a US Senator for the love of God. Kind of a low bar. I mean, every alderman in Chicago I ever covered...
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