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Fitness trainer, speaker, motivator, mom, health coach. My team will help you get the scoop on fitness, food, family, fun. Check out my workouts & weekly emails

Latest Scoops

Is anyone pregnant and looking for workouts to continue leading an active lifestyle or is anyone looking for a challenging low impact workout?
Well have no fear, we have the Baby Bump Fitness System available... https://t.co/ly4z8cYAyW
Whether you're looking to actually jump on board and dive into the Whole 30 or you're wanting to hit the rest button, I'm here... https://t.co/IvwZrm7yHu+
I first heard about the Instant Pot a few years ago when all the rage started to happen. Instead of a traditional slow cooker, many of you raved about the Instant Pot, but I had never even heard of it. Of course... https://t.co/dCtMSnlLFB
Instant Pots are all the rage lately!!

But really– it feels like I keep hearing about them everywhere, and I know I’m not the only one. At first I didn’t see what all the fuss was about. I have a Crock-Pot and a rice... https://t.co/4QkMlmyXhr
There are dozens of benefits to working out; it keeps your heart healthy for one, and has been proven to help you live longer. 😄

But sometimes you just want a workout that will burn calories fast, and we can also... https://t.co/34yVkNMKuG
Walking is a simple and natural way of moving!

Have you ever considered taking up power walking as a way to exercise? Power-walking is a low-impact way to improve cardiovascular endurance and total body strength.... https://t.co/uaoBuQHYob
Join us for this Get Healthy U TV live workout, exclusive to those with GOLD membership! Jodi Sussner will lead us through a Sweat and Sculpt Circuit Workout. We will be using dumbbells for the strength and easy cardio drills to create circuits that... https://t.co/Xp9rRTrnul
With today being the 11th day of the 12 Days of Fitness and the agility ladder - I wanted to make sure you all knew that we have a blog on 11 Agility Ladder Drills that you can do!
The Agility Ladder is one... https://t.co/M3OUysCbCe
Thank you for all of you that nominated me and my team at Get Healthy U!! We appreciate our TCOM fam for your support, round two voting is open until Friday. 😊.

Vote for ModernWell our wonderful co-working space as well! https://t.co/oEYW5gTKhI
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