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Backstage at @natashazinko's AW19 show on Day 3 of #LFW.
HI SUNDAY, time to wake and bake... Who's joining me?
Jackie Aina gave us a tour of her lavish bathroom and we're OBSESSED.
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Landed back home and went straight to @Wendys ✈🍔
trumpty dumpty wanted a wall - is that anything?
Last evening of #VBAW19 show prep. Thank u ladies. So excited for tomorrow! Don’t forget to watch the show live at 10AM GMT on my @YouTube channel or on the Piccadilly lights in London. x VB #LFW
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I can't believe that my #BloodSugar palette launched ONE year ago!!! ❤️ Truly iconic.

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“I really like her because she’s a black female DJ. She’s really good at it, and really serious about what she does. I like to see intention when I work with other artists”
Move over, mac and cheese. This is how the rest of the world does comfort food.
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