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In my attempt to understand Fox News watchers, I tuned into these two and actually thought the guy on the left was Sean Hannity, backwards.
If Rep. Jason Lewis is pissed he can’t call women sluts anymore, here’s something you can do. @emilyslist has endorsed his opponent, @AngieCraigMN. Donate to help her win her election & kick this sexist out of office: thehttps://t.co/AClPWnAYdj year is 2018, folks.
When it comes to lying, nobody gets more dressed up to do it than Sarah Huckabee Sanders.
Do you feel Trump's meeting with Putin was treasonous and Congress is doing nothing about it? Now is the time demand more from our elected officials. Take action on my @countable page and implore your representatives speak up. https://t.co/C3WtvbBo7X
Hawaii– you have a Primary August 11 (Saturday)
Emily’s List endorsed candidates in Hawaii:
Mazie Hirono (HI-SEN) @maziehirono and yes, for those of you asking, @emilyslist promotes eligible female candidates—who are progressive and pro choice—run for office and get elected.
My god. Every day it’s something awful.
Washington– your Primary is coming up on August 7 please make your voice heard.
Emily’s List endorsed candidates
Lisa Brown (WA-05) @SenatorLisa
Kim Schrier for Congress (WA-08)
M@DrKimSchrieraria Cantwell (WA-SEN) @SenatorCantwell
Missouri– you have a Primary on August 7. Get out the vote and say no to children in cages, say no to Russia, and say yes to healthcare.
Emily’s List endorsed candidates
Claire McCaskill (MO-SEN) @clairecmc
Nicole Galloway (MO-State Auditor) @nicolergalloway
Michigan- your primary is August 7. Please vote. Gretchen Driskell (MI-07) @gdriskell
Elissa Slotkin (MI-08) @ElissaSlotkin
Ellen Lipton (MI-09) @RepLipton
Debbie Stabenow (MI-SEN) @stabenow
Gretchen Whitmer (MI-GOV) @gretchenwhitmer
Jocelyn Benson – (MI-SOS) @JocelynBenson
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