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I’m hoping John Kelly is resigning so he can spend the holidays having a long talk with Robert Mueller.
Move to cannabis. I’m so done with the pharmaceutical industry.
Since we are now at 40 dem seats picked up on the house, I would like to go on the record and say, I believe again that goodness will outweigh bad, we just have to do it in double the numbers, unfortunately. However, i am hopeful about the future of our country again. Shalom
Just a reminder that Ted Cruz with facial hair is still Ted Cruz. Now there’s just a place to catch the food that falls out of his mouth.
So- hitting a woman is more acceptable than peaceful protesting? How disgusting. Reuben Foster: Sharpe questions Redskins signing linebacker but not Kaepernick - BBC Sport https://t.co/nIflgeuBCo
I know you are but what am I?
@roversbob I think it’s happening now. Not from the republicans. With the house and mueller, he is in much more of a pickle than before the midterms
Even though It’s been obvious for so long how corrupt trump is, learning everything he did is mind boggling. He truly believes he can just get away with whatever he feels like. What’s everyone else’s excuse? Talking to you, entire Republican Party.
Look at this picture. 4 presidents and Donald Trump.
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