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Writer, communicator, consultant, strategist, Ambassador Time to Change and other mental health charities. Fighting for REMAIN

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If anyone knows a Dr Alice Bell who was in Westminster area earlier she dropped her wallet. I have it. It has an Oyster card, library card with photo and a credit card in it.
Been replaced by Peter Mandelson at @BBCPolitics Live. Off to do @Channel4News with @Nigel_Farage
Even by @theresa_may standards her statement was spectacularly tin-eared. Her deal is as dead as a dodo.
If the scale of a crisis is matched by the scale of the crazy circus at College Green, this is a big one.
Many thanks to @Gillette for giving @piersmorgan a new populist toy to play with. He might stop droning on about vegan sausage rolls now. Good campaign chaps. Important message about men needing to engage more maturely in feminism debate.
Commonsense patriot is the phrase you’re looking for !
Is that the relationship @theresa_may said would be clear by the time the vote took place ?
When @theresa_may says her ‘deal’ brings closure and allows the country to move on to other things, it does anything but. We’ll be arguing with EU re what comes next for years to come and Tory divisions will simply widen. @open_britpress remains the only route out of the mess
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