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Christiane Amanpour
just in ukraines president tells me that during a phone call with mike pompeo the us secretary of state pledge
JUST IN: Ukraine’s President tells me that during a phone call with Mike Pompeo, the U.S. Secretary of State pledged “full assistance, including military assistance,” to protect Ukrainian sovereignty.

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John Siracusa
rt huge trump fans flock to statenisland to sell 2020 gear praise the president trump2020 maga usa
#RT - Huge Trump fans flock to #StatenIsland to sell 2020 gear, praise the #President - #Trump2020 #MAGA #USA country flag
코리아헤럴드 Korea Herald
egypt s ousted president morsi dies in court during trial
#Egypt's ousted #president #Morsi #dies in #court during trial

Frances Fisher I❤️99
president ronaldreagan was an actor realdonaldtrump was a reality something
#President #RonaldReagan was an actor.
@realDonaldTrump was a reality something.
xoxo rt hairclub president client
Cameron McWhirter
mueller if we had had confidence that the president had not committed a crime we would have said so via wsj
#Mueller: “If We Had Had Confidence that the #President Had Not Committed a Crime, We Would Have Said So” via @WSJ
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china struggling to grasp president trumps end game dia spy sox qqq rutx
#China Struggling to Grasp #President #Trump’s End Game: $#DIA, $#SPY, $#SOX, $#QQQ, $#RUTX
Bruce Beck
an emotional jd is back president nyrangers
An emotional J.D. is back! #President @NYRangers
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president trump on war with iran i hope not thursday president trump said he hoped
#President #Trump on #War With #Iran, “I Hope Not”: Thursday, President Trump said he hoped…
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us new immigration plan to be merit based thursday president trump said that he
US’ New #Immigration #Plan to Be #Merit Based: Thursday, #President #Trump said that he…
Cameron McWhirter
democratic nyc mayor billdeblasio running for president despite polls showing he lacks national appeal
#Democratic #NYC Mayor #BilldeBlasio running for #president despite polls showing he lacks national appeal
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Reuters Top News
former uefa chief michel platini questioned in qatar world cup probe
Former UEFA chief Michel Platini questioned in Qatar World Cup probe
@rapplerdotcom 15 minutes
the owner of a vietnamese boat spoke to the vietnamese state run news website vnexpress on tuesday june 18 and
The owner of a Vietnamese boat spoke to the Vietnamese state-run news website VNExpress on Tuesday, June 18, and recounted how the 10 Vietnamese crew of his vessel rescued 22 Filipino fishermen in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea).

The Hill
@thehill 2 hours
watch jon stewart rips into mcconnell for saying he s bent out of shape over 9 11 victim fund
WATCH: Jon Stewart rips into McConnell for saying he's "bent out of shape" over 9/11 victim fund
@rapplerdotcom 46 minutes
gawad urian best actress nadine lustre for never not love you via alexavillano
Gawad Urian Best ActressNadine Lustre for Never Not Love You

|| via @alexavillano
@YouGov 1 hour
no most labour voters are not working class leavers only 15 of 2017 labour voters are almost half 46 of labour
No, most Labour voters are not working class Leavers - only 15% of 2017 Labour voters are. Almost half (46%) of Labour voters are middle class Remainers, as are 61% of Labour party members
CBS This Morning
pres trump is promising a mass crackdown on undocumented immigrants that could include families with children
Pres. Trump is promising a mass crackdown on undocumented immigrants that could include families with children. He made that vow in a pair of tweets yesterday, writing that immigration and customs enforcement will begin removing "millions of illegal aliens" next week.
Jeff Canoy
so vietnam journos from vnexpress have traced the vn vessel that helped the filipino fishermen of f b gem ver1
So Vietnam journos from vnexpress have traced the VN vessel that helped the Filipino fishermen of F/B GEM-VER1. Here’s the account of Captain Nguyen Thanh of Tien Giang fishing vessel TGTG-90983-TS
David Frum
the article to which sen rubio links quotes mike pompeo john bolton and the saudi crown prince not one of them
The article to which Sen Rubio links quotes Mike Pompeo, John Bolton, and the Saudi crown prince - not one of them a career military officer at Central or any other Command. Of course Iran seems the likeliest culprit - but why is nobody with independent credibility on record?
@ajplus 2 hours
greenland s summer ice melt usually starts in june this year it started in april the second earliest time on r
Greenland's summer ice melt usually starts in June. This year, it started in April — the second earliest time on record.

Danish researchers have released this photo of their dog sled traveling on a melting ice sheet:

(📷: Danish Meteorological Inst. / Steffen Olsen)
ABC News
@ABC 2 hours
today in history on this day in 1983 astronaut sally k ride became america s first woman in space as she and f
TODAY IN HISTORY: On this day in 1983, astronaut Sally K. Ride became America's first woman in space as she and four colleagues blasted off aboard the space shuttle Challenger on a six-day mission.
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