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opposition lawmaker claudia mo on why hong kong is protesting an extradition bill we are answerable to history
Opposition lawmaker Claudia Mo on why Hong Kong is protesting an extradition bill.

"We are answerable to history. We need to put up a fight," she says. "If we lose, at least history will record that we did put up a fight and hopefully a heroic fight."

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Coronation Street
claudia and amy are willing to put the hours in claudia aggie amy corrie
Claudia and Amy are willing to put the hours in! 🎻😂

#Claudia #Aggie #Amy #Corrie
Coronation Street
oops corrie ken claudia michael
Coronation Street
ken just updated his relationship status corrie ken claudia
Ken just updated his Relationship Status! ❤️😂

#Corrie #Ken #Claudia
Coronation Street
with a lot more snakes than ken would have liked tracy ken claudia corrie
With a lot more snakes than Ken would have liked! 🐍

#Tracy #Ken #Claudia #Corrie
Coronation Street
gazumped is our word of the day tracy claudia corrie
Gazumped is our word of the day. 😅

#Tracy #Claudia #Corrie
Coronation Street
claudia has nothing to hide do you think nick could say the same corrie claudia nick audrey
Claudia has nothing to hide! Do you think Nick could say the same..?

#Corrie #Claudia #Nick #Audrey
Coronation Street
what has claudia got in store for audrey corrie claudia maria audrey
What has Claudia got in store for Audrey...? 🙈

#Corrie #Claudia #Maria #Audrey
Coronation Street
whats got claudia so worried claudia ken audrey corrie
What’s got Claudia so worried?

#Claudia #Ken #Audrey #Corrie
Coronation Street
take note ken corrie claudia ken
Take note Ken! 😉
#Corrie #Claudia #Ken
Coronation Street
we re sudoriferous right now ken corrie ken claudia
We're sudoriferous right now Ken! 😅
#Corrie #Ken #Claudia
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jeroen blokland
uh oh us new home sales unexpectedly plunged in may down 78 against an increase of 16 expected
Uh-oh! US new home sales unexpectedly plunged in May. Down 7.8% against an increase of 1.6% expected.
The Spectator Index
age of becoming a billionaire sheldon adelson 68 warren buffett 56 charles koch 53 michael bloomberg 52 carlos
Age of becoming a billionaire.

Sheldon Adelson: 68
Warren Buffett: 56
Charles Koch: 53
Michael Bloomberg: 52
Carlos Slim: 51
Larry Ellison: 49
Bernard Arnault: 48
Jack Ma: 45
Steve Ballmer: 38
Jeff Bezos: 35
Bill Gates: 31
Larry Page: 30
Mark Zuckerberg: 23
walmart china has launched a blockchain based platform aimed to address food safety concerns in the country
Walmart China has launched a blockchain-based platform aimed to address food safety concerns in the country. @pwc_@vechainofficialp
The Spectator Index
public library book loans per year million tokyo 1119 shanghai 862 ny 563 hong kong 498 la 42 singapore 33 mos
Public library book loans per year. (million)

Tokyo: 111.9
Shanghai: 86.2
NY: 56.3
Hong Kong: 49.8
LA: 42
Singapore: 33
Moscow: 30.3
Toronto: 30.2
Paris: 28.3
London: 25.8
Cape Town: 9.9
Amsterdam: 9.8
Dublin: 5.9
Madrid: 3.8
Rome: 0.5
Istanbul: 0.4

(World Cities Culture Forum)
Sam Ro
@bySamRo 43 minutes
Chris Cillizza
i know there is a numbness factor to the trump presidency but trump saying she s not my type in response to a
I know there is a numbness factor to the Trump presidency.

But Trump saying "she's not my type" in response to a rape allegation is so beyond the pale and offensive.
@coindesk 14 minutes
just in just got the green light from the to offer physically settled bitcoin futures to retail investors repo
JUST IN: @ledgerx just got the green light from the @CFTC to offer physically settled bitcoin futures to retail investors.
@nikhileshde reports
Angela Merkel
what the actual fuck
What the actual fuck
Jim Pickard
shadow cabinet intell corbyn said brexit decision delay for 2 more weeks thornberry repeatedly said decision n
Shadow cabinet intell:

- Corbyn said Brexit decision delay for 2 more weeks

- Thornberry repeatedly said decision needed today: “This is about leadership”.

- McDonnell said he had expected white smoke today

- Abbott told JC he didn’t understand level of member discontent
Lisa Abramowicz
last year austria sold 100 year debt with a 21 yield now it s selling another century bond but with a 12 yield
Last year Austria sold 100-year debt with a 2.1% yield. Now it's selling another century bond, but with a 1.2% yield.
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