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BREAKING: Lawmakers say border deal reached in bid to avert U.S. government shutdown
BREAKING: Lawmakers say border deal reached in bid to avert U.S. government shutdown
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BREAKING: #Maduro military OPEN FIRES on Venezuelans trying to cross the Venezuela/Brazil border for international humanitarian aid. A dozen injured, one dead. Per @washingtonpost THIS IS A DISGRACE. MADURO IS A DISGRACE.
Allegedly is used in one case, not the other.
This isn't even a close call. Republicans should join Democrats in supporting this resolution.
BREAKING: The owner of the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots, Robert Kraft, is reportedly being criminally charged with soliciting prostitution.
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It’s OUTRAGEOUS that #BernieSanders refuses to admit that #NicolasMaduro is a dictator. When you steal from your people, when you deny humanitarian aid from entering your country, when you JAIL people with opposing views - you’re a DICTATOR! And THAT'S the reality of #Socialism.
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JUST IN: New York state prosecutors have put together a criminal case against Paul Manafort that they could file quickly if the former chairman of Trump’s 2016 campaign receives a presidential pardon, sources say
90% of S&P 500 components are above their 50-day MA, historically overbought.

The good news?

Happened 13 other times since 1990 and the S&P 500 has been higher 3 months later 12 of 13 times ....
A viewer asks... why should Americans care about #Venezuela?

Maduro is courting terrorists, drug traffickers...and Russia recently sent some rather serious weapon carriers—TU160 planes capable of carrying nuclear weapons.

It’s 3 hrs from Miami, so yeah, it’s our business.
Reports of 2 people now dead. This is not good. The international community must stand up for what is right.
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