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Your money is a step closer to being managed by machines https://t.co/GZt5DKX85T
De Beers is offering big discounts on low-quality diamonds https://t.co/ZyBrXvAwXU
Trump's stock market tweet isn't entirely off base https://t.co/9Reanm0Wfb via @bopinion
Chile's Air Force to retrieve hundreds from Venezuela in crisis https://t.co/neQyeNv5lO
A fifth of China's homes are empty. That's 50 million apartments https://t.co/Y880FCWvFE
Michelle Obama's "Becoming," already expected to sell millions of copies, now has the official backing of Oprah Winfrey https://t.co/TcX6vyA8Yw
Xi Jinping is scoring an easy diplomatic win for China at the Asia-Pacific summit with Trump and Putin staying home https://t.co/Z8woptZjgj
One winner in Florida recount is Omaha-based private equity firm https://t.co/6cpAx0cZLA
Trudeau's spy chief has heard audio recordings in Khashoggi case https://t.co/PieLIOl5st
U.S. car-import probe advances as Trump plans trade team meeting https://t.co/FCza4zaaQ7
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