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New York is moving to enact a law to deter landlords from falsifying applications for building renovations to drive out tenants https://t.co/tvSlaH0DfF
Singapore investors are abandoning developers in favor of REITs https://t.co/ujn4tDJOOy
U.S. oil exports to China are becoming a casualty of the trade war https://t.co/aOQJnoRVtN
Judge leans toward tossing Stormy Daniels defamation suit against Trump https://t.co/zNitxeZhuB
Telecom Italia's board discussed a proposal by CEO Amos Genish to make an offer for Nextel Telecomunicacoes https://t.co/BipXhBs3Wb
It won't burn down: Architect defends vision for Bangkok airport https://t.co/yloHlsWl7F
China’s debt-laden developers face a potentially devastating blow to their biggest source of financing https://t.co/RFKf1EfXwk
The U.K.’s opposition Labour Party is preparing to vote down any deal with the EU that Theresa May brings to Parliament https://t.co/3VpGPTIqd6
U.S.-China trade war draws rebuke from world leaders at UN event https://t.co/HFW8KyYUnR
Barrick's Randgold acquisition may spur more gold mining deals https://t.co/XoWPObeIlg
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