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Current news coverage has largely ignored the horror that was ISIS, and that this woman at age 20 chose to join. — The Rosett Report
Don’t miss this. It’s simply lovely.
I remember where I was that moment, watching on a motel room tv while covering the GHW Bush presidential primary campaign.
A pilot bringing his A319 into LaGuardia recently caught this shot of the new World Trade tower sticking up through the clouds.
That’s not the same as saying it lets “all bigots off the hook”
Sanders echoes Dr. King, but that’s not good enough for the racial politics of the Democratic left these days: The Unbearable Whiteness of Bernie Sanders
Is that William Shatner in the green jacket?

The Most Relevant

This is from Elizabeth Warren’s registration for the Texas Bar, filled out in her own hand and calling herself “American Indian.” She has insisted she never used that identity to “get ahead.” You decide.
Readers of the print edition of the Washington Post found not a word this morning about the charges brought last night against Jessie Smollett. The news broke about 8 p.m. Because democracy dies in darkness.
A presidential press conference, no matter who is president, is a forum to ask questions as tough as you like, but don’t argue. And you get one chance, maybe one followup. Your colleagues are waiting their turns. Show them some respect and the president. It’s not about you.
You’d never know it from much of the coverage but no federal employees have missed a paycheck yet.
The best thing about the Kavanaugh confirmation is not that he will make a fine justice, though he almost certainly will. It is that the 11th-hour character assassination attempt failed. Make no mistake: that’s exactly what it was.
Sorry to see @tombrokaw catching hell for saying Hispanics need to do a better job of assimilating. This proves that any criticism of any non-white ethnic group is automatically considered racist and shows how the national consensus against racism has been weaponized.
This is just embarrassing. So now journalists are going shopping with Harris, helping pick out clothes and then putting out glowing tweets about it.
I have an idea: to determine what kind of judicial temperament Judge Kavanaugh has, how about examining his record as a judge. Any complaints there about his behavior in court? In his decisions?
Senate Dems on Kavanaugh.
1. Oppose him almost unanimously from start.
2. Call him “evil.”
3. In hearings, virtually ignore his actual record on the bench.
4. Afterward, leak uncorroborated accusations of sex crimes.
5. When he fights back in anger, attack his “temperament.”
I doubted it was possible, but Dems have actually lost a shutdown fight. Schumer has agreed to end the filibuster in exchange for practically nothing. Make no mistake: Schumer & Dems caved. What a political fiasco.
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