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How we live now.
How we live now.


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Theresa May proposes how she plans to proceed with Brexit.
Watch live: https://t.co/xFkMybunro
'Cities are where most of us live now. Their diversity and anonymity are a draw for people vulnerable to HIV who can feel isolated or exposed in small towns and rural areas because of their sexuality, for example' #AIDSfree https://t.co/BauQ6105V3
How cold does it feel? Depends where in the capital you live https://t.co/aNxAuNDTbh
9 minutes
.@TheStranger and @EFF sued for the right to see records detailing government surveillance in Seattle. Thanks to that work, Seattle’s federal court will now tell the public how authorities are using modern digital surveillance tools. https://t.co/hpzlOPJBaZ
In King’s day, racially loaded, hateful rhetoric could be heard across the length and breadth of the Deep South, @kingc_i writes. Now mean, disgusting and inflammatory words come out of the mouth of the president of the U.S.

"How far have we traveled?" https://t.co/sHchtdA70x
In addition to knowing what people buy, Amazon also knows where people live, because they provide delivery addresses, and which credit cards they use. It knows how old their children are from their baby registries, and who has a cold, right now, from https://t.co/TXE8UF8w84
We are LIVE now at the MLK, Jr. Observance Day Parade in #Savannah. Tune in on WSAV and online at https://t.co/SeSLg5fFuj
And we're off on @CNBCi. @GeoffCutmore & @cnbcKaren are live now from Davos #WEF19
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You can share your thoughts with us in our blog competition. Enter now! https://t.co/sQoBFsLbMd #InvestinPeople @FT https://t.co/sqQTp7yZTq
.@CNBCi's #WEF19 coverage kicks off live from #Davos very shortly. Tune in now!
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