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How we live now.
How we live now.


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I'm live on @CamSodaLive right now! Come see me https://t.co/3jsmhPlMrx
Say hi to me https://t.co/3jsmhPlMrx I'm live now @CamSodaLive
Rap has been around a long time. Don’t buy all the think pieces about how it’s just now getting some notice
Discover how easy it is to create your own #SQLDatabase in Azure. Watch now: https://t.co/HuHPRZDM0I
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NOW AT 11:
- Vigil held for fallen Gilchrist Co. deputies
- Hillsborough deputies searching for woman who attacked school bus
- Rain chances for your weekend
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@brezzo @coco_konski @standout2016 T @B52Malmet @DangerMouse @Billy_Ray28 @tamarabaran @davematt88 @abrodazed @twmentality1 @gina_goldberg @GOP @SenateMajLdr @SpeakerRyan @JohnCornyn @GOPLeader @RepGoodlatte @TGowdySC @jasoninthehouse @HouseGOP @SenateGOP_250he ultimate betrayal.

Instead of protecting our nation, how many of these venal GOP joined Putin's disinformation campaign and are now participating in t #TrumpRussiaCoveruphe #TreasonWeasels #Resist #HurryUpBob?

Tasilym Twinamaani, second from left here, was smart, knew coding—but she was packing boxes at night for Blue Apron. Now she’s preparing for the company’s development team. Here's how companies can grow diverse, gender-balanced developershttps://t.co/fM1UZUbbA7 #Recharge
.@WDRBNews at 10 starts now! Can't make it to a TV? Join us live here: https://t.co/8dfwqgTlfo
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