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@jonfavs And the one election out of seven that Republicans won was an incumbent reelection of a president who should never have been inaugurated.
@mattyglesias The ideas are hard to distinguish, but the people who adhere to one label or another are easy to distinguish, mostly by the power of their owns.
Just speculating, but this seems like the kind of “run-in” Lanny Davis might have “set up."
The best (but also worst) secret Trump taper (that we know of) is NBC, which recorded him bragging that he sexually assaults women with impunity, and then sat on the audio.
And to think Trump returned victorious from a peaceful and denuclearized North Korea just under one year* ago.

Well, Matt, have you ever read your own diarrhea?
@ericgeller Yes, it’s like saying “I didn’t see any evidence in the duffel bag full off cash that the robber had anything in particular against First Bank. "
Ok, who leaked this?
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