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This is both a really great tick tock and also leaves the last 48 hours a Rorschach test. https://t.co/CP0iMnr0QT
My teenage self is doing backflips.
@joshtpm @HeerJeet And also about how the suborning happened. Did Cohen circulate his testimony and get edits and sign off? Is that meaningfully different than Trump telling him to perjure himself. Mueller's sentencing memo more consistent with the former, but both are damning.
The whiplash Mueller induced by issuing a vague statement disputing *something* underscores the value of operating with integrity. Trump's White House and legal team categorically deny things weekly, and nobody believes them because we all assume (rightly) that they are lying.
Reminded, for no reason in particular, of this weird, old Rod Rosenstein statement. https://t.co/ua4zlqKacS
@chrislhayes Maybe it’s hair-splitting, but I also feel like its strange to dispute statements, documents, etc, regarding Cohen’s congressional testimony, when the statements, documents, etc described in the story are supposedly about efforts, preceding the testimony, to get Cohen to lie.
"Essential" just means "facilitates revenues for corporate interests" I guezzm
Just a few days after AP humiliated itself with its "two to tango" explanation for the shutdown, Chris Wallace serves up the same weak tea. As Shep Smith says, "there's no tango." Embarrassing.

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