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I got taken in by Kyle Griffin tweeting the headline, too, but for whatever it's worth, Mike Coffman's full statement includes, "I am calling on President Trump to immediately recall the (Acting) U.S. Ambassador to the Kingdom pending further consultation with Congress."
"Bone saw" refers to flatulence.
Here's the official Saudi cover story on the killing of Jamal Khashoggi. https://t.co/ODSB7qBkui
Name this National Park.
Just like that old expression, never bring just fists to a bone-saw fight.
@emptywheel @matthewamiller @nycsouthpaw We were discussing this in slack and I decided the real disappointment is that he hasn't melded his old thug persona and his new woke one. "What we're gonna do to Trump at the polls is gonna be fucking disgusting, " etc.
Trump made a rhyme based on two lies and we’re debating whether it will be “effective."
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