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The fact that this article had to be written is a testament to the total corruption of the GOP. Nobody even bothers pretending to believe @SpeakerRyan or @SenateMajLdr would do anything to make the course of action described in here unnecessary. https://t.co/Y6GrNsHnTH
The media can grapple with the ethical conundrum of mass email hacks without suppressing information or engaging in a 2016-style feeding frenzy. It just has to want to. https://t.co/B6wuHrNN80
Remember when Michael Wolff made some errors along these lines and the entire political press, including New York Times politics desk, decided it proved he isn’t worth taking seriously about anything?https://t.co/jt6Eq7abWp
The Jackson nomination
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@nycsouthpaw had a good piece on this that I would recommend leaking to.
Yes, this. What makes Trump polling extraordinary isn’t the durability of his (low) approvals, but the breadth and intensity of his disapproval. Been true for a while. Trump is loathsome, and most people loath him. https://t.co/vBGDisQBOY
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