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you're never too important to treat other people with respect.
hate is hate.
stop judging, start loving.
It doesn't matter what your sexuality, nationality, ability, religion, gender or race is. At the end of the day we are all HUMAN.
accept people for who they are.
find your light.
find your colors.
find yourself.
the world needs more love.
daily reminder:
you deserve love.
you deserve respect.
you deserve to be valued.
you deserve happiness.
you deserve the best.
you deserve the world.
kindness matters.
love matters.
you matter.
you don't need to march in every protest.
you don't need to be at every rally.
you don't need to have the loudest voice.

but whatever you do, never stop speaking out for truth, equality, and justice.
set an example:
be kind, be inclusive, be someone who makes a difference.
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