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Author: CRAFTING WITH FEMINISM, STAR WARS CRAFT BOOK, GIRLS AGAINST GIRLS, DRAW STAR WARS & more. @VaginalFantasy Book Club! Journalist: @CNET Prev: Lucasfilm

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Come play with @AnneWheaton & I... forever and ever and ever... in the actual hallway inside the (th@StanleyHotele inspiration for ) 👻#TheShining
@PtruePteresa @hankgreen @feliciaday @Veronica @Kiala 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 Thank YOU for watching our @vaginalfantasy romance book club show for all those years! ❤️❤️❤️ 📚
Get a closer look at @ZacharyLevi as @DCComics superhero #Shazam!
Read more in my @CNET article here: https://t.co/YtR8ZZ8gWJ
cc @ShazamMovie @WarnerBrosEnt @wbpictures
YAY!! @netflix​ reveals new sci-fi titles from comic book creator @mrmarkmillar! Five movie and TV projects are on the way, including Jupiter's Legacy, Empress, Huck and Sharkey The Bounty Hunter.
Read more in my @CNET​ article here: https://t.co/0SYR94cBKt
The original, unused #Alien 3 movie script written by cyberpunk author William Gibson @GreatDismal in the '80s FINALLY becomes the comic book series we always wanted! Read more in my @CNET article here: https://t.co/fl9hyhCwoJ
cc @AlienAnthology @DarkHorseComics
well that should make the complaints report interesting for this year.
@rocket_soup @feliciaday Watching @feliciaday play a home flipping game o @Twitchn makes me want her to redecorate my home! She has a way with brown paint and bathtub chandeliers! https://t.co/umuWygwJJz
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The rabbits 🐰 are finally ready to guard my loft. Pink bunny faux taxidermy art by @Creepyliz 💕
I'm all about #WheatonCon anyway! I can't wait for the puppy kisses panel! 😘🐶 https://t.co/cEH2u
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