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Author: CRAFTING WITH FEMINISM, STAR WARS CRAFT BOOK, GIRLS AGAINST GIRLS, DRAW STAR WARS & more. @VaginalFantasy Book Club! Journalist: @CNET Prev: Lucasfilm

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Here’s my personal essay on @CNET about working for Stan Lee – who was not just the co-creator of so many beloved superheroes, but an enthusiastic fan of comic book fans themselves & one heck of a great guy! Rest in Peace, Generalissimo. ❤️ https://t.co/uTyWHJWglq#Excelsior
Marvel's Stan Lee dies: Remembering the godfather of geeks and my former boss. I write for @CNET about the Generalissimo not just as the co-creator of beloved superheroes, but as an enthusiastic fan of comic book fans themselves: https://t.co/uTyWHJWglq
I LOVE #Dietland TV show (on @hulu) & book! Thank you for@QueSaraiSera such a great story & much-needed message for curvy ladies like me who need to believe in ourselves more & not take others' crap.
cc @DietlandAMC@martinoxon@JoyNash@BethanyKayActor@heymarshall@J9Nabers
About to have an out-of-this-world meal on my alien 👽 UFO 🛸 dinner plate.
Cc @Acecentric @maureenelsberry @SETIInstitute @TheAlienCon @tomdelonge @HistoryBlueBook @RoguePlanetHQ #aliens #UFOs
25 of the Crime Master's All-Time Best Book Opening Lines
@AnneWheaton I’d rather Twitter take the time to purge Nazis from my timeline instead of people who haven’t tweeted in a year. https://t.co
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@TheBloggess: I found a miniature cat mummy for your amazing dollhouse! https://t.co/Ij3BkWFmyS
Collect Silicon Valley venture capitalists – as trading cards! Wanna swap a Marc Andreessen for a Mary Meeker? Find out which Silicon Valley VC legends make the best trading cards.
Read more in my @CNET article here: https://t.co/tPMzAb6wbu
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