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Leader of the Opposition. Shadow Minister for Indigenous Affairs and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. Federal Member for Maribyrnong.

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I cannot believe he said this. Australians were killed. Children were killed. There are no excuses, ever. Craig Kelly should apologise to the families of the victims.

It’s an early start for the workers at Suez Waste Management - a business which pays labour hire workers the same rates as those directly employed. And that’s the way it should always be. Same job. Same pay.
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I know how important penalty rates are to workers. So in the first 100 days of a Labor Government I'll reverse the cuts to penalty rates and protect them for the future.
Early start with @AnikaWells joining workers at Suez Waste Management - a business which pays labour hire workers at the same rates at those directly employed.

Labor will legislate so this is the case for all labour hire workers.

Same job. Same pay.
“The greatest education in my life has come from representing working people”

Addressing the @unionsaustralia’s congress 2018 dinner.

Meningococcal B can be a devastating disease.Too many families have seen this first hand. It’s also fully preventable with a vaccination. Last year I wrote to Turnbull seeking action to get the vaccine available to our kids. Today I’ve written again.
@CampbellNewman The choice in Longman is clear. A vote for @SusanLambMP will put more money into Caboolture Hospital. A vote for the LNP will lock in the cuts.
Labor will change the laws so companies can’t use labour hire to undercut wages. It’s simple: if you do the same job, you deserve the same pay.

Great news for the millions of Australians who go fishing every year.
Another Sunday spent trying to convince Theo to barrack for the Pies.... #aflpieseagles
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