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Leader of the Opposition. Shadow Minister for Indigenous Affairs and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. Federal Member for Maribyrnong.

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With the girls at the netball. Brilliant win for the Aussies over New Zealand, 60-55!! 🇦🇺🏐
Good luck to the @DolphinsRLFC in this weekend’s Queensland Cup final🐬 🏈@Corinne4Petrie #godolphins
Companies with more than 1,000 employees will need to reveal how much they pay women compared to men.The gender pay gap won’t fix itself. It will take courage & leadership & I’m proud Labor's acting on this.

You can read more about our announcement here: https://t.co/t5ALbVbOqI
Labor announced 20 new MRI licences back in May. Good to see the Liberals have finally followed our lead after five years of inaction.
A trip to Bunnings isn’t complete without a sausage sizzle. Thanks to the team raising funds for the Maribyrnong Orchid Society.
MRI scans can detect and diagnose tumours and cancers – and we all know how important early detection is. I want more Australians to have access to affordable, life-saving medical scans.

What a quarter! Great crowd at the G. Go Pies! #AFLFinals #FOREVER
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Even the Liberals are telling Scott Morrison his cuts to schools are unfair.

Labor will restore every dollar Morrison has cut from public schools - because every school should be a great school and every child deserves the best start in life.

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