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journalist, author; blogger; movie buff, student of politics, tweets r personal, Host of #TheHotSeat Friday to Sunday. #Big5At10. Monday to Thursday.

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The sheer hypocrisy of Indian politics in full display. @ShivSena which has been busy using choicest abuses against @BJP4India , now on the same table together. Ultimate game of ideology-less-politics
A brigadier and a DIG , both get bullet injuries in ongoing encounter in Pulwama. Kashmir continues to burn. #PulwamaEncounter सभाई भाई लोगन बदे हमार संदेश। @rjraunac @anubhavsinha @yadavakhilesh @aakharbhojpuri
While we must certainly hold pakistan accountable for #PalwamaAttack , Lets also not lose sight of fact that 300 kg of explosives, information about movement of convoy, Keeping a suicide bomber motivated for five days, couldn’t have happened without a massive intel failure. @ashutosh83B @anuragkashyap72 @SrBachchan @upcoprahul @anubhavsinha @yadavakhilesh
“ये मोदी है। उसी भाषा में जवाब देना जानता है। “ This is what @narendramodi told @prasoonjoshi_ in course of a conversation in London. Time to walk the talk. Watch this clip
Tonight, our quest for #TruthOfPulwama continues. What happened and what can India do now. Big newsmakers on the show. Two former army chiefs, General VP Malik and General Bikram Sing, live and exclusive together. How to deal with Pakistan and @ImranKhanPTI ? #viewpoint
@ImranKhanPTI has missed a golden opportunity to showcase himself as being different from others. He too is a stooge of Pakistani terrorists and army. Not even a tweet on the encounter ?? #BoycottImran
Hearing chatter within government is “ exemplary action “ against Pakistan. But how. ?? In what way ?? #PulawamaTerrorAttack
was once told by a top government officer, we could have killed Masood Azhar as r agencies had developed a mole deep inside his system. But somehow we withdrew literally at the last moment. Let’s see whether we can use all our precision warfare equipment to use now #CRPFJawans

The Most Relevant

The plot is thickening. All concerned agencies say #EVMHack never worked with them. Was he a fraud? What was this journalists association in UK doing entertaining this fraud ? Who invited @KapilSibal ? Who paid for venue? Who organised PR for the event ?
At the end of the day today, my prediction is this. has damaged its credibility so much through its own youth Congress member defending , India #ChristianMichelwill think twice before aligning itself with the party in any way. Ridiculous , hara Kiri. #viewpoint
Interesting development on #RafaleDeal Now chief says planes are 20% cheaper than what was promised by UPA. Who should we now believe? or IAF chief? vote
There is no doubt that has cracked down real hard against traditional power brokers in Delhi. One sees the difference all the time now. #MyIndiaMyPride
To my fraternity members in London, #EvmHackathon was a huge joke on you. Get the lead character of this stupid potboiler to compensate you for this total waste of time.
A maulvi from a masjid in amroha, a civil engineering 3rd year student. Both arrested on charges of terror by NIA. The extent of penetration by anti India elements is just too huge. #viewpoint
Amazed with .story of him getting loans of 750 cr ,950cr from IDBI bank despite 3 minus A ratings, despite bank auditor themselves saying he shouldn't get the loan, and he still getting it due to pressure from someone at top of UPA is legendary. #MallyaJailVideo
Brilliant line from "When the sun sets, its red in colour, when it rises its orange in colour " Symbolism of left decline and rise of #viewpoint
Another big story in pipeline. Another middleman ,Sanjay Bhandari who was also holed up between UAE and London , has now gone missing. He too is on the Augusta scandal. Wonder whether there is another plane sent to get him.
Last few tweets of #GauriLankesh ,her brothers views,seem to be building different narrative than what many of our liberal friends buidling
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