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What Democrats think the Green New Deal would look like vs. what it would actually look like
What Democrats think the Green New Deal would look like vs. what it would actually look like
What Democrats think the Green New Deal would look like vs. what it would actually look like


It's become commonplace enough in the past two years that it no longer gets much notice. But it's worth remembering that no other president in decades publicly threatened "retribution" against a television network because it satirized him.
“I don’t care. I believe Putin,” Pres Trump allegedly said, rejecting U.S. intelligence regarding North Korean intercontinental ballistic missile capability. McCabe says he heard this from an FBI official who was at the meeting with POTUS.
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“I believe I was fired because I opened a case against the President of the United States,” says McCabe, who lost his job just a day before he would have been able to collect his full pension. He is considering suing the government over this.
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The president of the United States is a threat to the physical safety of journalists:
“I don’t care. I believe Putin”

ANDREW MCCABE: Intelligence officials in the briefing responded that that was not consistent with any of the intelligence our government possesses to which the president replied, "I don't care. I believe Putin."
Here Are All The Politicians Who Rushed To Judgement On The Smollett ‘Hate Crime’
Sorry, simply not true. I've interviewed 7 presidents and covered 4 full time over last couple decades. All complained about the press and at times lashed out. But none of them, Republican or Democrat, engaged in the kind of "enemy of the people" rhetoric Trump routinely does.
“A senior German official..said: “No one any longer believes that Trump cares about the views or interests of the allies. It’s broken.”” -NYT
Brooklyn precinct commander is being investigated by the NYPD for allegedly threatening the celebrity’s life — telling his officers at a roll call to “shoot him on sight."
Brains not beauty: Senatorial aspirant Samira Gutoc expressed support for the suggestion that senators should have a college degree. #Harapan2019 #Halalan2019

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The Top Rank/Tyson Fury union is shocking, and comes with obvious questions:

-Does this scuttle plans for a Fury-Wilder rematch? TR officials say they would still like to make it.

-What does TR have to offer opponent-wise on its side of the street?
In pulling out of plans for HQ2 in New York, Amazon has met a force it can't overcome. Economics columnist @jontalton takes a closer look at what soured in the Big Apple.
A beautifully snowy scene in from Earl Johnson in Grand Blanc.

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"I came up with the idea of a novel that asked: what would social media be like as the world is ending?" @markedoten @SilvermanJacob @GraywolfPress
NEW: What are the Colts getting in new OL coach Chris Strausser? No one knows better than Washington coach Chris Petersen, who spent more than a decade working hand in hand with him. Also, sounds like he and Howard Mudd were very much a package deal:
@radiomukhers It's good to debate policies. I'd say that the 2017 manifesto offered social democracy of a kind that Angela Merkel would feel at home in, so i don't think left/right captures what's happening.
Not sure about the Green New Deal? Take a look at how well it's worked for Germany
Sara Amanda has worked as a domestic and sexual violence trainer for 20 years. She asks: What does the perfect victim look like? #ShamimaBegum
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In 2014, what created the new Pacific island of Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai? #TheChase
NEW @WritersofColour What does the perfect victim look like? by @sarz_world
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