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Media: Covington kids were racist!
Nope, you botched it.
Media: Okay, but other Covington kids were racist!
Nope, you botched it.
Media: Okay, but Covington banned a gay kid from speaking!
Nope, you botched it.
Media: The REAL story is people are mean to journalists.
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BREAKING: An indictment has been handed down against musician R. Kelly by the Cook County State's Attorney office, two sources with knowledge of the development tell CNN
#BREAKING: New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft to be charged in prostitution ring
CBS' @RebeccaRKaplan reports House Democrats introduce resolution to block Pres Trump's national emergency to build southern border wall.
Trump applauded Montana Rep. Greg Gianforte for criminal violence against a journalist. He literally clapped.
Jussie Smollett's character in "Empire" will be removed from the final two episodes of the fifth season.
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Not saying it was appropriate conduct, but the @amyklobuchar fork story has now received more coverage in less than a day than Donald Trump's mob ties received during the entire 2016 campaign.
NEW: Senior US Justice Dept. official: Reports that the US attorney general will receive the report from Special Counsel Mueller by the end of next week are incorrect.
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If you missed @maddow tonight, tune in another way. I learned so much, most of it deeply disturbing about Spiro Agnew, but also about whether the president can be indicted. We should hire her to join our @Stanford history department.
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