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"Hey, Colonel Custer, I don't want to butt into your business, but maybe you should think about dividing your troops before this battle."
I hope the Joker origin story movie involves several different origin stories. Because, as @jaketapper well knows, that is the actual truth about the Joker's origin story.
She insists on riding a bicycle across the country https://t.co/CPAXXEKeHO
Rosenstein fully denies the account, nothing came of it, and the story is based on more anonymous sources. https://t.co/I5x5CvNUra
An allegation is not self-proving. That is why it is called an allegation.
This crazy piece is fun. Its basic suggestion: there's no bubble. And we don't need more Republican professors because Republicans are noxious and evil. https://t.co/8NC8DL0PFn
Kaepernick to the Patriots would be amazing TV. Except he'd never play, because, you know, they have the best quarterback in history. https://t.co/HHSDCW6ub7
I have only liked one comment ever. From the guy who plays Captain America. And so it shall remain.
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