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The latest G-file from @JonahNRO is terrific. https://t.co/U4BR4WePIk
Quick note before Shavuot: just want to express my gratitude to my business partner, @JeremyDBoreing, the unsung godking of @realDailyWire. Dude's amazing.
'The New York Times' Runs A Comprehensive Hit Piece On Jordan Peterson. It's Dishonest, Malicious Crap. https://t.co/cOf6x9Ne37
@jpodhoretz You can disagree that monogamy is a solution to incels (I don't think it is -- I think incels making themselves worthy of partnership is), but it's plainly dishonest to suggest that Peterson meant that the government should force women to have sex with incels.
@jpodhoretz My favorite part is the deliberate attempt to ignore the anthropological meaning of "enforced monogamy " (meaning non-genetically conditioned monogamy, i.e. socially-promoted monogamy) instead substituting "government-enforced monogamy " for the meaning.
CNN Says There Have Been 22 School Shootings This Year. That’s A Lie. https://t.co/ytV694QKFF
So excited about the royal wedding
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Several things can be true at once:
1. There was no collusion.
2. There was willingness to collude by Papadapolous, Trump Jr., and possibly Manafort.
3. FBI would have been remiss not to investigate, even if it eventually came up empty.
4. Post-election leaks are scandalous.
Spielberg’s movie on Rutherford B. Hayes will be amazing
Reminder: our Dallas and Phoenix events are coming, and VIP tickets are nearly sold out already. Subscribers get first crack; you can subscribe at https://t.co/VcvwoInbYw. Tickets go on sale to the general public at 10 PM tonight!
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