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The MSM has deemed any conservative who won’t cave on every major cultural issue a threat, unworthy of employment. Then they lament that “reasonable” conservatives are dying out.
This unnamed writer (only unnamed at his request) won’t vote Trump in 2020. He was deemed too conservative because he says male and female are biological categories.
The dirty little secret is that WaPo won’t be hiring the top writers at Weekly Standard for precisely the same reason.
I know of a very prominent conservative writer (not me) interviewed by this newspaper for a slot and then rejected when they realized he actually believed conservative things. So look in the mirror, WaPo.https://t.co/qbOIotHEG2
Please listen to your lawyers and stop tweeting your thoughts on ongoing legal matters.
With Beto gaining steam, it's great to know that Democrats want to provide all those important intersectional opportunities to white dudes who marry rich.
It's Mulvaney. Which makes perfect sense. https://t.co/rXoDyxfVkM
If this were just about killing off anyone who is anti-Trump or Trump-skeptical, it makes no sense to hir @SethAMandele to run the Examiner magazine.
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