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2019: Trump serves fast food at the White House

Media Reaction: 💀💀💀

2009: Obama takes fast food orders, gets in The Beast, drives to fast food restaurant, buys bags of fries & burgers, brings them back to WH & eats fast food in The Oval Office

Media Reaction: 😍🥰😍
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The nation’s oldest WWII veteran - Richard Overton - was buried with a box of cigars and a bottle of Makers Mark whiskey.

God, please let me be a small fraction of this awesome.

But you are absoloutely right AOC - reporters **should** be asking members of the GOP about these abhorrent comments and they should also ask every Dem if they disavow Louis Farrakhan (Who was embraced by many members of your caucus & has shared a stage with Bill Clinton & Obama)
It’s almost as if Dems have no actual rational or principled reason to be against a border wall other than hatred of Trump 🤔
Activists Jump Nancy Pelosi’s Mansion Wall With Illegal Immigrants, Demand Entry To Her Home https://t.co/bFg14Np0mz via @dailycaller
Laura Loomer has jumped the wall around Pelosi's Napa Valley mansion with a group of alleged illegal immigrants who are carrying a tent with images of Americans killed by illegal immigrants.

Loomer tried to get into Pelosi's house but it was locked.


Trump brings up woke rancher Jim who owns a massive amount of land on the US-Mexico border:

Jim says: "Pelosi, walls are not immoral. I have traveled around the world. The biggest wall I've ever seen is around the Vatican. They have a wall. Why can't we?"

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If you watch anything today, please watch these two clips in their entirety. @MeghanMcCain

deserves an award for this.

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