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Doctor, nerd cheerleader, Bad Science person, stats geek, procrastinator. Currently an academic at CEBM in Oxford

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@deevybee I found my work shoes in 1999, and my other shoes a couple of years later. I have maybe a dozen pairs of each, with several laid down for the future. This is the kind of sensible behaviour that excites amateur diagnosers but I'm pretty sure I win at efficient living.
Shamima Begum losing citizenship as enemy of the state has got me watching Diana Mitford (married Mosley in Goebbels' front room, interned, etc) on YouTube. Everyone is so fascinatingly lovely and deferential to her while she's kind, in turn, about Hitler
@BenMazer @VinayPrasad82 @hmkyale " @jsross119C @chadinabhano @aaronecarrollm @Doctor_Vp @chrissyfarrl @ddiamonde @EricTopolx @venkmurthy @sarahkliffs @juliaoftorontoo @jrovnerc @SarahKarlini @stephaniemleea @charlesornsteinl @oncology_bg @picardonhealthp @jameshamblinrocess overall doesn't deliver stated goals " I can cope with. But post-COMPare I still feel I just don't understand journals' *intentions* wrt to CONSORT. Why endorse reporting standards if you don't implement them, or engage positively when notified of breaches?
@BenMazer @VinayPrasad82 @hmkyaleT @jsross119h @chadinabhane @aaronecarroll @Doctor_Vp @chrissyfarrr @ddiamondo @EricTopolb @venkmurthyl @sarahkliffe @juliaoftorontom @jrovners @SarahKarlin @stephaniemleer @charlesornsteinu @oncology_bgn @picardonhealth @jameshamblindeep. As our recent papers on COMPare show: when you notify editors that trials have been misreported on their pages, and breached the CONSORT guidelines - which the journal endorses - those editors often do not respond constructively.
I've annotated the official announcement for the new NHSX to make it more human-readable.
Nice piece in @sciencemagazine about our papers showing how journal editors, and trialists, responded to a systematic programme of correction letters on their misreported clinical trials.
I think you should show up, walk in, and stand at the front with the speakers as planned.
A fun weekend read.

See how editors and trialists reacted when we sent a correction letter on EVERY misreported clinical trial in the big five journals over 6 weeks.

The responses might make you squirm, but they explain a lot..

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I've written down why Brexit is a stupid choice, using words.

Here they are.
Jo Cox MP was murdered by a far right fanatic shouting "Britain First".

The French honour her: name a street after her.

The US president retweets racist hatred from Britain First.

Are you sure Brexit is a good idea?

Because the world is changing, for the worse, very fast.
This photograph should follow Boris for the rest of his career. Printed on banners. Shouted from loudhailers.
Stop calling tax a burden. You're buying healthcare, an educated workforce, roads, national investment, judiciary...
A masked group of UKIP thugs storms a socialist bookshop, chanting about Muslims and paedophilia, they tear up books, threaten staff, and the call it a "PROTEST".

This country is in very, very big trouble.
I wrote a stern letter to The Times about the young rising up to eat the old if they don’t stop crowing.
Brexit was a magic lens through which everyone saw a different political fantasy. A lot of people are going to be very upset by the reality.
So basically Brexit has been cancelled but we're still going to spend loads of money lose all influence over eu law lose lots of business through uncertainty lose the EMA and EBA create vast new UK-only bureaucracies foment social division and lose status. Well done Brexiteers.
I am very pleased to say that TWO NEW PAPERS are out TODAY from my group.

They represent one of the most challenging, interesting, and exciting projects I have ever been involved in, across my entire 44 years of nerdy life-course.

Ladies and gentlemen: @COMPare_Trials is out..
Brexit trade negotiations going well then. It's not a conspiracy. It's not remoaning. It's just how the world works.
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