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What topics make good small talk?
Have you ever made 'small talk'?
What is it anyway?
Rob and Feifei explain everything in this episode of The English We Speak!

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Not quite, my friend. Watch the video again or visit our website for more detailed information: https://t.co/VwzPuXG0WN
Is this sentence correct, or not?

“I'll have to keep working by the end of the day.”
'Until' and 'by' can be so easily confused!
But with this English In A Minute episode, you won't ever be confused!
Let Kee explain everything!
For a quiz, visit: https://t.co/gSwbTyyCjv

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What traditional remedies for the common cold do you have in your culture?
One old English remedy tells you to swallow animal fat and wrap your throat in dirty socks!
🥶Have you got a case of 'the sniffles'?
😷That's what we often call 'a cold'.
🤧It's that time of year in the UK!
What's your favourite remedy for the common cold?

#bbclearningenglish #learnenglish #englishonline #sniffles
Have you ever been blamed for something you didn't do?
How do you explain it's not your fault?
Use this to avoid being the scapegoat!
Find more useful phrases here: https://t.co/TZwHSJ0LQ5

#bbclearningenglish #vocabulary #blame #englishphrases
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🎵🎵How do you like your music – fast or slow?
🎺 Research has discovered that the music we listen to might be getting faster!
🎧Learn some new vocabulary here to help you understand our discussion about this subject
#learnenglish #vocabulary
Have you kept your New Year's Resolutions?
Remember when Rob was doing well, but Finn was having some trouble? He even told fibs!
Find out everything and learn great vocabulary too, in this vintage footage!
#bbclearninenglish #brokenresolutions #fib #2015
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