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I said what I said, that’s all
y’all really letting ppl abuse and humiliate y’all in the name of being in a fraternity or a sorority?? I can’t relate.
new goals, new mindset ✨💎
I hope I get some sunflowers for vday this year. That would be nice
they do and I really don’t appreciate it
I unfollowed them like 2 years ago and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made.
I really hate the shaderoom so much. They don’t support any up and coming black artists, nor do they promote anything positive to the black community. They just messy as fuck.
Apple is really over saturating the market by releasing all these new phones. I mean they’re putting out like 4-5 phones everytime they drop
when you’re in alignment you really cannot be around anybody who’s not. It just don’t feel right
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