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Subtle symptoms and signs that it’s high time you take care of your mental health

01/17/2019 18:01

We often go through tough times when we feel mentally down and we look forward to seeking support from our friends and family member. There are bad phases in life where we lose someone loved or we lose our job or we suffer from any terminal illness but such phases tend to go away with time. But if you find yourself sad or grief-stricken for a very long time, then it is important that you give a second thought about seeking help of a professional.

Whether you know someone who is suffering from mental health issues or you yourself are suffering from the same, there are few symptoms that you should take note of. While there are several online mental health repositories like where you get the best online therapists who can take care of your mental health, here are few symptoms that you should never ignore.


v When your productivity at your workplace is going down

When asked about the initial few symptoms of poor mental health, there were psychiatrists and therapists who said that your performance at your workplace can indicate a lot about your mental state. If you’re someone who is repeatedly showing poor performance at work or you’re missing on deadlines, falling back with work and you’re always overwhelmed, you should be careful about the steps that you take.


v When you don’t derive pleasure from the things that you loved doing

Do you repeatedly find something that you loved to be no longer bringing joy to you? If you enjoyed post-work drink or meet-ups with long-lost friends or if you enjoyed going to your dance classes, do you think that you no longer love doing them? When the answer is yes, it’s high time you take care of your mental health and seek help of an expert.


v When you keep cancelling yourself from all social gatherings

Don’t you go out as much as you used to go out before? This is yet another indicator of the fact that something is wrong with you. Do you tend to feel self-conscious when you socialize or when you mix with people or friends? Do you get irritated and angrier with very small details? Do you find it tough to shake off things and get back to your happy self? If these are the problems that you’re facing, you need help.

Therefore, before things soar out of control and you fall sick with mental issues, you should immediately get proactive and seek help of a counselor or a therapist.


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