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ULA chief Tory Bruno on competing with Blue Origin, SpaceX rocket landings https://t.co/uNp8HKYfxj by @SciGuySpace
"This work has, in effect, closed a multi-decade chapter in AI research. AI researchers need to look to a new generation of games to provide the next set of challenges." https://t.co/YNCBr9BZPx
A look at the Apple Watch’s ECG, from someone who needs it https://t.co/JQbXeks6TD by @j_timmer
Oakland official: “We want to get Americans out of their cars and solve racism” https://t.co/BwTIfb80lm by @cfarivar
Dealmaster: Take $100 off Microsoft’s Xbox One X console https://t.co/uaJKbxmC2r
Was your phone imaged by border agents? They may still have the data https://t.co/BedgXz7bN6 by @cfarivar
FCC panel wants to tax Internet-using businesses and give the money to ISPs https://t.co/zZjJuzHvNu by @JBrodkin
OK, the plot is workmanlike and unmemorable, but the characters and the issues raised gave the new #DoctorWho season finale its heft. https://t.co/9Ol5Nk06iM
Uber was “hell-bent on stifling competition,” new lawsuit alleges https://t.co/2KKHJzIPXP by @cfarivar
Called the Gram, weighs just 2.9lbs https://t.co/E2cvIIyhyd
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