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Grammy and Academy Award winning musician

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Glad to have composer duo of @ZeroTheFil@AjayAtulOnlinem2018 on Ep #ARRivedSeries11 of . Watch it here

If you're in Ihttps://t.co/kUwJLStvwJndia:

If you're outside Ihttps://t.co/ZqIlXEGJ3fnd@MyQyukii#YouTubeOriginalsa:


Presenting to you
from #SarvamThaalaMayam!

Lyrical video link:

#SriramParthasarathy @onlynikil


Excited to share the latest single #VaralamaUnArugil from #SarvamThaalaMayam

Lyrical video link: https://t.co/ZRQdRe9ifa

@rajivkrishname@gvprakash1@madhankarky #SriramParthasarathy

Thank you for the love and support. 🙏🌹

A magical rendition of 'Baisara Beera' by Swagat is what got me to hit the 'Share Button' #ARRivedSeries

Link: https://t.co/SYiBcxbuzs

@ClintonCerejo @singer_shaan @VidyaVox
@MyQyuki @YouTubeIndia #YouTubeOriginals #GodBless
Witness an abundance of soulful performances in this episode of #ARRivedSeries

If you're in India: https://t.co/4wugJfSd5G
If you're outside India: https://t.co/XKZXAu7VwG

@MyQyuki #YouTubeOriginals
Congratulations to Sarthak on earning the 'Share Button' from me for his great performance.


@MyQyuki @YouTubeIndia #YouTubeOriginals
Music breaks all barriers, it's great to see how far the contestants have come on the #ARRivedSeries

If you're in India: https://t.co/9diHJFKy0i
If you're outside India: https://t.co/ioMxgpH3sM

@ClintonCerejo @singer_shaan @VidyaVox
@MyQyuki #YouTubeOriginals
Congratulations to Swagat, Antara and Amrita on earning the 'Share Button' from me for their unique performance.


@singer_shaan @ClintonCerejo @VidyaVox

@MyQyuki @YouTubeIndia
#YouTubeOriginals #Godbless
Witnessed some beautiful performances carried forward from the previous episode, along with @iamsrk ji and @aanandlrai ji. #ARRivedSeries

If you're in India: https://t.co/ddr49vs2wc
If you're outside India: https://t.co/w3kv9AgiHe

@MyQyuki #YouTubeOriginals @ZeroTheFilm2018
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