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Just watching this new show on ESPNews right now. This is amazing programming, I must say 🤐
If not, DVR it, will ya?
The premiere episode of the TV version of the #HelwaniShow airs on ESPNews in 12 minutes. Stay up and watch this historic (for me at least) moment with me, k?!
Going on with the legend @notthefakeSVP in a few minutes. Segment will air Thursday. This is tremendously exciting.
TJ Dillashaw’s head coach @DUANEBANGCOM has legit plans to see Dillashaw fight for the 145 belt soon. Champ champ ... champ?

Full interview: https://t.co/hMjLfG9OY8
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Even if you’re the hardest of hardcore fans, do yourself a favor and check out this feature. It’s unbelievably well done: https://t.co/mbkBM43imb
ESPN story on Pettis vs. Wonderboy — https://t.co/SoUPzQW2id
Stephen Thompson vs. Anthony Pettis at 170 pounds is verbally agreed to for the March 23 fight night event, which is expected to be in Nashville. Fight isn’t signed just yet but expected to be finalized shortly. Story coming to ESPN in a bit.
Can @UtahJazzPR please explain this incredible wardrobe choice??
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