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Height-challenged sports columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle. Author. Observer. Talker.

Latest Scoops

You don’t get to entertain Howard Terminal pipedreams if you can’t sign Khris Davis.
Been a total pleasure covering Bruce Bochy as a manger. First met him on my first job when he was Benito Santiago’s backup on the Padres 20 million years ago.
Klay cemented his status as goat of life over all star weekend.
Steph I’m laughing all the way from Ecuador
And this is why there’s going to be another labor shutdown. Yay baseball.
I’m crushed. Darryl was our harbor in the storm of every deadline, breaking news shitshow. A lovely man.
The guy who sits down in the row of seats at the gate where you and another random dude are sleeping and has a loud self-important phone conversation. I don’t like you cordless ear bud dude.
On this side there’s salsa music and soccer on TV all the time.

The Most Relevant

Paul McCartney is marching in Central Park. “One of my best friends was killed by gun violence right around here.” #imagine
How valuable is Stephen Curry? In 2010 Lacob bought Warriors for $450 million. Now worth $2.6 billion.
Popovich on if he still gives Kerr advice: "I hate Steve Kerr. If he asks me anything I tell him to go urinate in a bucket."
Adam Rippon was asked what it's like being a gay athlete today. "It's exactly like being a straight athlete but with better eyebrows." #USChamps18
Brandi Chastain is one of the most beautiful athletes I’ve ever covered. How this became her plaque is a freaking embarrassment for BASHOF. Makes Cristiano’s look perfect.
Kerr rocking the NBA MLK shirt. Quoted the Reverend: "we may have all come here on different ships but we're all in the same boat."
The 49ers sent a questionnaire to fans asking "in terms of game day experience how important is it that your team wins?"
The money quote from Frank Gore: "Trent messed that team up."
KD says "I can't wait till Tuesday." Steph says, "Monday. Please don't miss the game."
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