After this is all over, I never, ever want to hear again about how businessmen would run the government better than politicians.
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Today: huge pro-europe marches in Warsaw, Krakow, Lublin, Lodz - while police beat up demonstrators in Minsk
"Just another day,” Trump said, flatly. “Just another day in paradise, okay?”
David Frum was right: "Obamacare" cannot be repealed
Trump seems actually not to know how Nato works, says @ishaantharoor
Here are Nigel Farage’s British values: rubbishing London for money on Fox News
In which I talk to Sam Harris about Trump, Russia and more
Marine Le Pen takes a break from campaigning in order to visit her financial sponsors in Moscow
"Every era has its own form of mental illness" - wrote this last year, and London attack reinforces the argument
London attacker was born Adrian Elms, in Kent,converted to Islam. Still want to use him in your rant about refugees?
Why we should all mourn Bob Silvers. By @ccaryl.
"Tak bezczelnie fałszować wszystko, tak konsekwentnie, tego nie potrafili nawet komuniści"
correct headline should read: politicians use London tragedy to further their own careers
I can confirm this: I see no one in London cowed or afraid this morning
correct: "If social media makes money in the same way as traditional media, it should be subject to the same laws"
You were warned. Here is Eli Lake on Manafort, from last April via @BV
We've long known Manafort was working on behalf of Putin's Ukrainian clients. Here's more documentation.
Rex Tillerson Is Still Acting Like a C.E.O. via @newyorker
We have never before in history had a white house that mixed business with politics. Here is the fallout
surprised by the Comey hearings? I wrote this in July
On Trump's Russian friends
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