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  3. watch @nsoames make the best argument you will hear for pm may's brexit deal
Watch @NSoames make the best argument you will hear for PM May's Brexit deal https://t.co/wCqLSMRwYA


Ministers "disappointed" as Hitachi suspends work on a multi-billion-pound UK nuclear project & MPs step up demands for threat of "no deal" Brexit to be taken off the table. Hear wit@Susanh12h that & more in at 2330#TodayinParliament on or via @BBCRadio4@bbcmusic
A fast moving band of rain and snow showers are tracking along the interstate corridor this afternoon, which will make its way through Idaho Falls, Rigby and toward Swan Valley this afternoon. Watch for snow, heavy snow and even rain mixed in. #safedriving #idwx
Theresa May is refusing to rule out a no-deal Brexit, even though the opposition has made it a condition for starting talks about a Brexit plan B. Several of her cabinet ministers have threatened to resign should it become her government’s preferred policy https://t.co/obcdC5QG1B
Labour says it will make a Brexit deal with the government - but only if a "no-deal Brexit" is ruled out
Fancy a swig of moonshine? A wee dram of Glen Lunar?

Last night, @uofg prof Michael Dixon told us he wants to grow barley in space — on the moon or Mars — to make space scotch. What would you name that scotch? Listen for the best answers tonight! https://t.co/nHjC0Sq3Em
#EuronewsTonight | What are European countries doing to prepare for the financial consequences of Brexit?

@ZsoltDarvas Senior Fellow of @Bruegel_org details this after Theresa May's Brexit deal was rejected.

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Will you be in line for the next Build-a-Bear deal? https://t.co/9H4S6AKFx9
Unless Corbyn backs down, inter-party Brexit deal talks will not get anywhere and idea of May/Corbyn negotiation will not last longer than the idea they'd do a TV debate together
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