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And, as about a dozen people have just pointed out, 37% of the UK electorate voted for Brexit
36% of Poles support their nationalist/populist government. 36% of Americans support Trump. What a lot of damage 36% can do.
6. lesson is not that "post-communist democracy was weak." Lesson is that it could happen anywhere
5. in Poland it's happened despite objections of press, judges, EU and international institutions, as well as public demonstrations
4 use social media to create fanatical supporters, rely on majority not to care until it's too late, and make life impossible for opponents
3. Its a model that could also work elsewhere in Europe, around the world: turn a democracy into a one party state, step by step...
2. this is further proof that this isn't a "post-communist" problem: Polish govt is following a model we also know from Turkey and Venezuela
1. fascinating split now developing between Czechs, who are criticizing the Polish govt's attack on judges, and Hungarians, who defend it.
Bar associations and legal groups around the world are calling on Polish govt not to dissolve its Supreme Court
of course he did. why else would they have been meeting in the middle of the campaign?
Reminder that the "judicial reform" proposed in Poland means the instant illegal sacking of the entire Supreme Court https://t.co/5om66ufpQd
The tragedy is that Trump himself doesn't care about Trump votes in "flyover country"
The president does not understand what the DOJ is for. Imagines it is working for him, personally. Like a private law firm.
Now read entire bizarre Trump/NYT interview. Clear that he thought Sessions's role was not to enforce US law, but to protect Trump.
fact-checking Trump NYT interview. don't miss quote from Adam Zamoyski, historian of 1812, at the end https://t.co/4veaD8PGIb
The darkest day in Poland since 1989
Don't be fooled by the nationalist /Catholic rhetoric. This revolution represents the return of pre 1989 authoritarianism
street theatre in defense of independent courts in Krakow, a few minutes ago
street theatre in defense of independent courts in Krakow, a few minutes ago
From @lemondefr: on the strange Russian links of the far-right, "anti Russian" Polish defense Minister https://t.co/feg20o6Sy4
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