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The Brexit campaign was orchestrated by the very rich, for the benefit of the very rich, argues @InFactsOrg
Polish elections still follow the lines of the Prussian /Russian partition in the 19th century, so why not France toohttps://t.co/jrxJklTqvg
@[email protected] it's a large drop from the 28% she had in 2016. which doesn't mean I would discount her
the task for Macron: define a new patriotism for an open - and optimistic - France
you are not reading too much into this at all. "voters will now have a say on Frexit" is an out and out lie
"you represent faith in the new" and the "face of hope" says Macron...
cheering crowds for Macron, waving French and EU flags
Reality check: Le Pen's numbers - 22% - are not radically higher than her father's - 17% - in 1st round 2002. But 2nd round still to come.
the collapse of faith in Western civilization is leading, inexorably, to the collapse of the West itself
sure. And they should be working with Soros foundations and not against them.
a French friend writes: Le Pen vs Melenchon in the 2nd round would be "Hitler vs Stalin." And polls are so close it might happen.
I feel that I knew this already
and here's why the case of the UK proves it
populism isn't an ideology, it's a strategy, argues @MoisesNaim https://t.co/TR50ptg4SC
“populism” is nothing more than a political strategy, easily tailored to any ideology - and the UK proves it
"a battle between two parties that would have looked crazy and extremist to their own members only a few years ago"
Britain's election pits right-wing populists against left-wing populists - and disenfranchises everyone else
what did Trump promise to do in his first 100 days? Here's the list. Fascinating reading.
partisanship beats facts: Trump's voters don't believe he has played more golf than Obama in first 3 months https://t.co/M36VIl9sTw
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