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Latest Scoops
Kushner wanted a secret way to speak Moscow says @washingtonpost https://t.co/RYpXof8rQu
Trump Says NATO Allies Don’t Pay Their Share. Is That True? https://t.co/RtfU7XJ81c
Russians are ready for democracy, @vkaramurza argues with amazing eloquence https://t.co/8iXkhHrNXT
you don't have to be famous to be a target of Russian cyber-espionage. Many victims are activists and journalists https://t.co/lMEED1ItKd
"aside from foreign affairs"? https://t.co/9wPwT3KhHM
bizarre but plausible: Trump's Russiamania dates back to 1980s
"Trump appeared to demonstrate a persistent learning disability" in Brussels https://t.co/q1jXjW2YQs
watch the amazing Evan Mawarire talk about the #Thisflag campaign that galvanized Zimbabwe @OsloFF https://t.co/QfLz8mtSm5
Why Kushner might have needed some Russian friends https://t.co/21JlLHCLzv
The @nytimes identifies the pro-Erdogan thugs who beat up protesters in DC https://t.co/6f0boXRyhk
On the death of decency and the end of conservatism. From @MJGerson, a decent conservative https://t.co/cT2Wk6Izee
No, Trump can't get through a trip without creating chaos, says @jrubinblogger https://t.co/yPuP1QTNXc
very striking that Trump made a point of 'not lecturing' the Saudis, and then arrived in Brussels and lectured Europeans.
Trump's Nato speech. Judge for yourself.
Extreme events inspire calls for extreme reactions. Ignore them. https://t.co/C0c8ElzGQY
Did Russia get any help in micro-targeting Americans? https://t.co/ZD3VIh9viO
On a Pro-Trump fraud. But why didn't white house say something months ago? https://t.co/Roxd4x4ntE
This is how terrorism wins
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