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Frauke Petry of AfD has just been to Moscow. Here is background on Russian influence operations in Germany, https://t.co/VePFs37MwL
There is a link between the decline of the West and the study of Western classics, says @StephensWSJ https://t.co/aHBBFsW1Nm
Head of the AfD Frauke Petry meets with Russian officials in Moscow https://t.co/d7yfZl8zev
Swedish police say their words were twisted on @FoxNews clip that inspired Trump, interviewer was a "madman" https://t.co/V5XrLbJuG5
on listening to Pence bring "reassurance" from Trump: “all of that’s true until the guy’s next tweet.” https://t.co/2XGsJC12Fx
The truth which could not be named: Trump, not ISIS or Russia, is what Western capitals now fear most https://t.co/ZdhgpFLI8f
where are all of these phony stories about Sweden coming from? @dagensnyheter has figured it out

On the weirdness of a world in which the greatest threat to the West might be the American president https://t.co/QPhnS8xQMa
One of the first victims of Trump trade wars: Texas cattlemen https://t.co/daMMO5Wcs5
‘Last Night in Sweden’? Trump’s Remark Baffles a Nation https://t.co/9auSmyW9kV
Long background on 4chan, the online group that helped create the alt right https://t.co/obFPIrkNlB
What actually happened in Sweden last night
new Washington parlor game: guess which news clip inspired Trump's latest invention or obsession https://t.co/niWlIGUBJO
Lavrov: looking forward to the "post - west" world
Lavrov: looking forward to the 'post - west' world
that is a misleading headline
Pence says to Europeans, "we stand by you". People around me roll eyes.
Pence says to Europeans, 'we stand by you'. People around me roll eyes.
Pence: "US will continue to hold Russia accountable in Ukraine." great language. But does he speak for the president?
Pence scolds #MSC2017, "don't doubt US commitment." But we only doubt it because US president does.
Merkel :fight against Islamic extremism requires cooperation from Muslim states
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