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For those who want to know more about Polish state television, which is continuing to manipulate this story, its director is profiled in this piechttps://t.co/HNXHPYGDYZe
I am truly sympathetic to those who want an apolitical moment and national unification in the wake of this tragedy, but it's just not going to happen. That was clear from the state TV broadcast on the day of his death
I am now convinced that only a real crisis can cure this 21st-century fantasy of crisis. (from last month) https://t.co/C3ITo2y1uU
"the president’s decision to leave Syria was made without deliberation, consultation with allies or Congress, assessment of risk, or appreciation of facts." From the administration's former top envoy in the region https://t.co/2NPSBEiGBh
Canada is not exempt, here's an argument about Russian disinformation there, and what to do about it https://t.co/Qbzm8q1f47
‘Cold War’ is already getting Oscar buzz, because it’s a near-perfect movie https://t.co/LjBX6XgFCm
Universities and think-tanks should not be promoting their authoritarian donors, argues @thorstenbenner https://t.co/kI54VxzlRt
He could end this today
Since everything is terrible, at least we can watch two speakers at the top of their form
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