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Today: huge pro-europe marches in Warsaw, Krakow, Lublin, Lodz - while police beat up demonstrators in Minsk
"Just another day,” Trump said, flatly. “Just another day in paradise, okay?” https://t.co/DvQE44jiod
David Frum was right: "Obamacare" cannot be repealed https://t.co/y9WNgHqXNS
Trump seems actually not to know how Nato works, says @ishaantharoor https://t.co/7ZblBLETjh
Here are Nigel Farage’s British values: rubbishing London for money on Fox News https://t.co/xQoBnBnJLn
In which I talk to Sam Harris about Trump, Russia and more https://t.co/o5ym6bkVHG
Marine Le Pen takes a break from campaigning in order to visit her financial sponsors in Moscow https://t.co/f8d2IUZDXQ
"Every era has its own form of mental illness" - wrote this last year, and London attack reinforces the argument https://t.co/cThpTXnkum
Why we should all mourn Bob Silvers. By @ccaryl. https://t.co/eVVZ8coy8d
"Tak bezczelnie fałszować wszystko, tak konsekwentnie, tego nie potrafili nawet komuniści" https://t.co/YSzxCEP9XQ.
correct headline should read: politicians use London tragedy to further their own careers https://t.co/HWUvWujKva
I can confirm this: I see no one in London cowed or afraid this morning https://t.co/cD0TMFLMFh
correct: "If social media makes money in the same way as traditional media, it should be subject to the same laws" https://t.co/Xnyj9eC2Bj
You were warned. Here is Eli Lake on Manafort, from last April https://t.co/6KKqFglxld via @BV
We've long known Manafort was working on behalf of Putin's Ukrainian clients. Here's more documentation. https://t.co/l16OFR5m7f
Rex Tillerson Is Still Acting Like a C.E.O. https://t.co/nzTkiEnUa7 via @newyorker
We have never before in history had a white house that mixed business with politics. Here is the fallout https://t.co/klndpGrWS2
surprised by the Comey hearings? I wrote this in July
On Trump's Russian friends https://t.co/BWWqqQ5wqg
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