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After that, check out this episode o @podcastfunctionf where I talked to several of the earliest pioneers of the social web. We have 20 years of lessons from these platforms, if we just want to listen & learn from what’s come before. https://t.co/B26rAg6dtj
Please do read this history of LiveJournal, featuring interviews with many of the key people who made its pioneering invention of modern social networks possible. I was lucky enough to get a front row sesr to their brilliance. (And also how it fell apart.) https://t.co/kY98gP0K7c
(Apologies for the coarseness here, but if this kid isn’t ready to talk about the actual anti-choice agenda that he was promoting, maybe he’s not ready for the soft-focus spotlight on his PR team’s lies.)
Hey all, we closed out the first season of @podcastfunction with a really special episode: Recorded *live* at the Consumer Electronics show, @alexnklein joined me to talk about how we give our kids power over tech far beyond just "teaching kids to code". https://t.co/nXasRk4jWN
And from @CrystalFC4RH, how Prince felt about that show in his own words, from a message he sent later that night…
Fans lik @_heidiskinnere commemorated the moment with beautiful art. And though I couldn’t make it, I got a nice memory of an invitation, too. I hope we all get to hear (and see!) this show someday. It’s one of Prince’s greatest ever.
And for fans, those few days were like a family reunion. Many who’d known each other for decades online came together to see an artist take perhaps his boldest step forward ever. These would be the most personal performances of his career.
In all, as a transcript of the show demonstrates, Prince was, for the first time onstage, truly vulnerable. He of course had *songs* where he was vulnerable, but those were in character. This was him, the man. Talking about family, and loss, and musichttps://t.co/trCGM7UAq9.
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