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Drew Brees shows off his pinpoint accuracy. Wait, what?
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Completely useless thought on conference title games: Everyone pointing out that if not for Miami Miracle, Pats could have homefield. I think if regular-season Rams-Saints had been in L.A., Rams win that game and today's game is in L.A. Now you can continue your day.
I miss when everyone I knew loved Pavement.
The last 3 minutes of UVA-Duke is taking way too long.
Think I have new favorite 76er - Jonah Bolden!
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@PaulPabst how sweet would an NFL game be right now.
Smoothies with the bros after basketball is best part of the weekend.
Everyone has Malcolm Butler theory. Here's mine. Just theory! Butler had concussion last practice before Pats left for Minny, but they didn't put him on injury report to avoid Protocol. Trainers couldn't clear him, but Pats didn't want perception they didn't disclose head injury.
On my long commute today, I decided to rank Conference Championship Game Weapons. What do you think? 1. Michael Thomas 2. Tyreek Hill 3. Kamara 4. Gurley 5. Kelce 6. Edelman 7. Michel 8. Damien Williams 9. Cooks (or Woods, whatever) 10. Taysom Hill! Who'd I miss? C.J. Anderson?
Does Final 4 prove there is no parity in NFL? @AlbertBreer, @BartScott57 and I debate for @theMMQB TV.
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