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Thomas Merton, the American monk, pointed out that we may spend our whole life climbing the ladder of success, only to find when we get to the top that our ladder is leaning against the wrong wall. I want to use my Sundays to ensure my ladder’s leaning against the ‘right wall...’
It’s coming...it’s unstoppable...There’s no point hiding it anymore..
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Had a whale of a time (non-blue whale)inaugurating a pathbreaking new exhibition at Bajaj Bhavan (Nariman Pt. Mumbai) by millennial artists. They’ve created installations which alert us to the perils of overexposure to new tech&social media (Blue Whale; Selfies etc) Don’t miss it
Got a new iPad & found that the lightning connector's been neehttps://t.co/UmJpsLysGod a new charger which doesn't work with my iPhone&new earphones too.More junk when I travel. Great strategy to boost accessory sales, but not surprised more folks are sticking to existing models
Young Jonathan is a friend; but more importantly, a promising filmmaker. I’m looking forward to watching this pathbreaking film this weekend. #theliftboy
My google alerts picked up this interesting article...Hmmm..Makes us think... https://t.co/MtUgPFtkMD
Finally took delivery of my Alturas G4. I named my TUV 3OO plus the ‘Grey Ghost.’ Need a name for this new beautiful beast. All ideas welcome. The person who suggests the chosen name will get 2 Mahindra die cast scale models (Not the Alturas scale model—that’s not ready yet!)
Think this is by the same guy who did the tea stall owners video He’s seeing the real India. Had to banish my own ‘head wobble’ during my student days in the U.S but I think it’s a solid Indian habit & I may start doing it again! Head Wobble challenge anyone?
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Well sometimes I like to dwell on past accomplishments. But yes, there’s no point brooding over what could have been...Time to turn the page...
Had missed this article when it appeared. It was forwarded to me today & I felt a huge surge of hope for the future. If we can heal the Ganga, then nothing is impossible for us in the future... A loud cheer for those working on this. https://t.co/HP9zHdX63P
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