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Inviting Duterte to the WH is NOT NORMAL.
Philippines: The police’s murderous war on the poor
I miss my cats.
Disqualified from a Pulitzer, I guess. 😿#notthewhcd @ DAR Constitution Hall https://t.co/igVc3JFPn5
That time @dontestallworth came to my hotel room to teach John how to tie bow tie. https://t.co/STCS04IYI2
I am having a personal moral crisis over going to correspondents’ dinner after parties so obviously I do not have enough moral crises.
Then tell us who he’s “working” with!
Rich person: “The market has winners and losers.”


OK gotta start to reel the #adorables in, work to do… THAN YOU EVERYONE for playing! Be well, be gentle with yourself.
Ok the thing is, #adorables.

So the haters can mute the hashtag :(
I think maybe tonight should have some #adorables in it.
@RaisingOneBrowI was wondering if I have ever been so obnoxiously proud of ANYTHING as Trump is of his electoral college win. What does that even feel like
Need something for the drive home? May I suggest my informative and heart-string-pulling ep of @crooked_friends? https://t.co/4xdUl8FqgW
I cannot emphasize enough how great @ParkerMolloy was on this week’s @crooked_friends
At WH ceremony honoring teachers, GUESS WHAT TRUMP TALKED ABOUT. GUESS. https://t.co/KeQD8ymdS4
At WH ceremony honoring teachers, GUESS WHAT TRUMP TALKED ABOUT. GUESS. https://t.co/KeQD8ymdS4
WFLT: "I always assume everyone knows” // NEW POD! @ParkerMolloy on what it means and feels like to be *out* https://t.co/dagKyDkKTJ
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