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Amy Klobuchar
a warning from director of national intelligence coats says it all foreign adversaries will once again seek to
A warning from Director of National Intelligence Coats says it all: foreign adversaries will once again seek to interfere in the 2020 election. We must pass my Secure Elections Act & Honest Ads Act to protect our democracy.

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Tray Chaney
sunday 9p bouncetv saintsandsinners kendrick actor television film writer showrunner director producer
코리아헤럴드 Korea Herald
scandal ridden director kimkiduk s newest film screened at cannesfilmfestival2019 film director
Scandal-ridden director #KimKiduk's newest film screened at #CannesFilmFestival2019
#film #director

The Fly
mng tells gannett holders investment is in peril asks for director votes gci
MNG tells Gannett holders 'investment is in peril,' asks for #director votes $GCI
코리아헤럴드 Korea Herald
sibelius expert becomes spos new music director seoulphilharmonicorchestra
Sibelius expert becomes SPO’s new #music #director

Noticias Sabor809
muere john singleton el director de boyz n the hood johnsingleton director muere
Muere John Singleton, el director de “Boyz n the Hood#johnsingleton #director #muere
Glitter Magazine
rest in peace john singleton director legend
@VeepHBO 2 months
thank you to director bethmccarthymiller for a great episode veep veeple
Thank you to #director #bethmccarthymiller for a great episode! #veep #veeple
Jason David Frank
i get to finally direct some v o adr voiceacting director jdf mmpr
I get to finally direct some V/O #adr #voiceacting #director -JDF #MMPR
Mobile World Live
sparknz named mcbeathgrant as the next director of its customer business
.@SparkNZ named @McBeathGrant as the next #director of its customer business
Live Trading News
cher cannot act amp does not like men director peter bogdanovich 79 anni hammered cher
#Cher Cannot #Act & Does Not Like #Men: #Director Peter Bogdanovich, 79 anni, hammered Cher…
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The Hill
president trump i know all about the 5g we re going to have the best 5g in the world just like we have everyth
President Trump: "I know all about the 5G... We're going to have the best 5G in the world just like we have everything else."
@BJP4India 2 hours
dont fall for fear mongering here are the facts on the rti amendment bill 2019
Don’t fall for fear-mongering.

Here are the facts on the RTI Amendment Bill, 2019.
Josh Smith
south korea s joint chiefs of staff now say the russian aircraft involved was an a 50 an airborne early warnin
South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff now say the Russian aircraft involved was an A-50, an airborne early warning and control aircraft, according to Yonhap (Photo of the type via Wikipedia)
Josh Smith
when the russian a 50 entered south korean airspace near dokdo s korean fighter jets fired about 10 flares and
When the Russian A-50 entered South Korean airspace near Dokdo, S. Korean fighter jets fired about 10 flares and about 80 machine gun rounds during the first violation, and 10 flares and about 280 machine gun rounds during the second violation, JCS says
The Hill
@thehill 59 minutes
multiple louisiana police officers fired over facebook post suggesting ocasio cortez needed to be shot
Multiple Louisiana police officers fired over Facebook post suggesting Ocasio-Cortez needed to be shot
Beth Rigby
finally today we find out our next pm all bets on johnson but theyll be no honeymoon period these are not norm
Finally today we find out our next PM. All bets on Johnson. But they’ll be no honeymoon period; these are not normal times. Already on knife edge, his will either be the shortest premiership ever (autumn GE) or he survives Oct 31 & we have Spring GE

Judicial Watch ?
from judicial watch border security is compromising national security as the trump administration continues to
From @OANN: “Judicial Watch: Border Security Is Compromising National Security: As the Trump administration continues to sound the alarm on border security concerns, experts say the issue is compromising our national security.”
The Independent
uk approved nearly 650m in arms sales to saudi arabia in six months after jamal khashoggi murder
UK approved nearly £650m in arms sales to Saudi Arabia in six months after Jamal Khashoggi murder
The New Yorker
on the centennial of the nineteenth amendments passage it is worth considering what suffragists were fighting
On the centennial of the Nineteenth Amendment’s passage, it is worth considering what suffragists were fighting for, why they had to fight so hard, and who, exactly, was fighting against them.
norman smith
clear joswinson open to working with labour but not jeremy corbyn to secure another referendum r4today
Clear @joswinson open to working with Labour - but not Jeremy Corbyn - to secure another referendum #R4Today
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