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A friend in the US of A sent me this & I am still chortling...
Quite a day to be presenting @itvnews at 10pm. I do hope you can join me, after #ColdFeet on @ITV
.@TheIndGroup has attracted 33k followers in 3 hours.
#LabourSplit @gavinshuker "Neither of the main parties is fit for Government".
#LabourSplit @ChukaUmunna holds out the hand of friendship to non-@UKLabour members.
#LabourSplit @MikeGapes "I am sickened @UKLabour is now a racist antisemitic party".
#LabourSplit @UKLabour is no longer a broad church (@anncoffey_mp) and is devoid of leadership (@gavinshuker).
In some ways @MikeGapes is the stand-out quitter: as Chair of the National Organisation of Labour Students in the 1970s he fought Trotskyite entryism & is a former Chair of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee. Not one of the new boys.
#LabourSplit Interesting order of play of reasons for leaving:
Antisemitism; leadership; Brexit.
.@lucianaberger leads them in & @MikeGapes is there. @BBCBreaking isn't, yet...

The Most Relevant

Domestic abuse increases 26% when #Eng play, 38% when #Eng lose & 11% the day after.
Its shocking isn’t it?
No business that charged customers an interest rate of 1333%, at their greatest time of need, deserved to succeed - let alone survive.
Deeply saddened to learn of the death of Jean (Baroness) Trumpington DCVO PC. Wartime code-breaker, fire-brand campaigner, doyen of the Lords and the most delightfully funny, naughty company. As per this picture, she told it as she saw it. #RIP
After tonight's #BBCQT it wouldn't surprise me if folk voted to leave the UK rather than the European Union.
I get the sense that many politicians are 'stuck' on the fundamental principle that, if you ask the electorate a question, and pledge to stand by their judgement, you are politically, economically and morally obliged to stick to it.
Statement from the Court of King Henry II: "A fight broke out between Archbishop Thomas Becket and people who met him in the cathedral - ending with his death".
#Brexit "For the first time I think the UK may well stay in the EU. It is not just what MPs are telling me but European capitals, too". at Ten. #Bong
#LondonBridge 'I chucked bottles & chairs at them'.
'We were evacuated but we're going back to pay our bill & double our tip'. #Londoners
"This House resolves not to leave the EU because the people were wrong and did not have the full picture.....".
It is not a call for a #PeoplesVote, it is a call to Remain. I wish there was more candour and honesty about it.
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