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Stacey Abrams: voter suppression in Georgia is "nearly seamless"
Sanders hired Faiz Shakir, progressive advocate, as campaign manager #inners
A whistle blower has provided Key evidence about Michael Flynn’s conversations about Russia during Trump’s Inauguration #inners
Several current and former Trump administration appointees promoted the sale of nuclear power plants to Saudi Arabia over objections from national security officers #inners
A look at Trump’s continuous efforts to undermine the investigations surrounding him #inners

The Most Relevant

A reminder that at least 15 women have accused Donald Trump on the record of unwanted physical contact. Listen for the patterns in their stories. #inners
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.@MaxineWaters on Bill O'Reilly comments: "I am a strong black woman and I cannot be intimidated" #inners
Laura St. John of tells U.S. government is separating children as young as 53 weeks old from their parents at the border #inners
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.: "We can't allow Donald Trump and his lying and selfish sons to rip families apart, to steal our money, to take our health care away. It's up to us to stand up." #inners
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.@tanehisicoates lays out the long list of Trump's actions showing why he "might be a white supremacist" #inners
Rick Pence, worker at closing Harley-Davidson plant: "When the tax cut finally rolled down to us, I got about $16, $17 more a week. But now Harley's giving me one heck of a tax cut because I won't have no income at all next year and my tax will be zero." #inners
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.@RevDrBarber followed the new Republican governor of Tennessee Bill Lee on #MLKDay and Barber was not having any of it!
#inners #thing1thing2
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.@JoyAnnReid: My parents were immigrants from what Trump calls "shithole" countries #inners
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.: "Anyone that looks at the way the president conducts himself...not as president but as a human horrified, unless they are under the sway of this deeply, deeply toxic and pathological cult that the president has built up" #inners
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Never before seen footage obtained exclusively by All In shows Bill Gates discussing meetings with Donald Trump #inners
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